A Premonition About My Son

When my son was about 10 years old, he was scheduled to go on a trip to Dorney Park with 3 of his childhood friends and their dad.  The night before he was to leave, I felt this strange overpowering feeling that something was going to happen to him and I was overtaken with a terrible sadness.  Consequently, I was up all night.

As the time came close for his departure to get into the car, I became terrified and held him close to my heart and prayed over him.  I found myself watching the clock and was anticipating a phone call that something had happened to him.

Around 10:00 AM, the phone rang and it was my son's friends' dad who informed me that my son as injured at the Medical center close to Dorney Park.  It came to pass that he was hit in the eye by another kid while popping up from a wave in water.  When my son got on the phone, I asked him to not cry until he arrived home because I did not want him to upset his friends' dad.

When he finally arrived at home, he waved goodbye to his friends, ran in the door and screamed and cried. 

He honored my wishes and did not upset his friends' dad.

Thanks for listening.
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

The next time rebuke the bad event, break the curse over the person or persons, plead the blood of Jesus, and give the angels charge over the event.

Thank you. I never ever would have thought to look at the situation that way. I am sure it would make a difference.

you had a premonition a feeling of something bad was to happen,. What I'm about to tell you may be hard to understand, but here it goes. When bad feelings or thoughts enter into you, it is possible to change the events to good or nothing at all. When those bad feelings or thoughts enter, they must be deleted fast, never to manifest inside of you, immediatly change all your thoughts to, " everything is good, everything will work out, only good will happen' repeat over and over, but it comes with true belief in your soul, from your heart, in your belief! and you will see amazing realities that come your way.

A physical way to detonate negativity! So simple and yet effective. That is wonderful SharedKnowledge.. thanks for that ! The positive repitition will take away the fear or anxiety we might have about something too! thanks :) xox