Guided To Find Dad's Present

It was the eve of his 74th birthday and he was very ill.  It was my Dad.   We had always shared special times and birthdays were particularly special in my small family. 

I had just gotten home from my job at the law firm, and I handed my son my Dad's birthday gift to be put into the car.  Unfortunately, because the lid was not secured, somehow the beautiful white silk pajamas were lost out of the box as we pulled up into my Dad's driveway.

My son, his big eyeglasses hanging off his face, started to cry and tell my Dad it was his fault that he had lost the gift.

I told my Dad that it was my mission to find the pj's, and that with my guardian angel, I would do so.

There was approximately a 5 mile radius from my home to my Dad's house, so to say the least it encompassed a great deal of houses.

While driving home, I prayed and then asked God and my guardian angel to point me in the right direction.  I got out of the car at a house that was a half block from my home.  I knocked on the door, told the lady about my dilemma that the gift of white pjs were missing.

I then proceeded to ask her to contact me if they were found.  While looking at me like I was crazy, she took all of my personal information and told me she would call if the pjs were found.

I noticed that there was a small creek that ran behind her house.

Sure enough, I received a call in the early AM.  Her son had found the pjs and brought them into the house.

My God and my guardian angel had saved the day, and my Dad was happy.  Thanks for listening.


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5 Responses Aug 2, 2010

That is the power of prayer Bev. You pray and God leads you to what you need, in this case where to go to get the pajamas back. That is what i love about prayer. Sometimes you have a situation in life and have no idea how to find a good answer for it and pray about it and then you get led by God on what to do. It is a miracle and prayer makes it happen every time. :)

It might have been easier but he loves PJ"s and he was terminal....although I appreciate your thought.<br />

Wouldn't it have been easier just to compensate with cash at the last minute? Psychic or not?

Thank you SharedKnowledge. I appreciate the positive feedback. I hope to talk with you soon.<br />
<br />

When one believes in Good thoughts to help others, the Good will always come back, and the rewards will always be yours. Keep believing in good thoughts and amazing things you will see!