True Stories

It runs in the family,and my parents,esp my mom,have always encouraged me to use it,and believe.
The earliest memory I have is of playing with a an "invisable friend". She was a spirit or ghost that we had in a summer cabin--I was about 5. We also had a ghost that used to steal my mom's recipe cards from the old house we lived at.
I've had many experiences, including one about my pet budgie that I had when I was 10,,and after he died, I heard him tweeting when I played I'll Follow The Sun by the Beatles...I was surprised,but not scared,as I knew he was just saying hi.
In later years, like when I went with my ex husband to help him mow lawns,and he had a contract with the cemetary,and when we were there one day,it was very eerie,but I could hear voices,much like a big group talking at once at a party. I didn't say anything,as my ex was religious,and I knew I'd get a lecture about it not being real,or that it was evil...
One night I called my younger sister to yap,and suddenly I could SMELL what she was cooking for supper! I asked her what she was having,and it turned out I was very close,as it was some meat dish.
And after my grandparents died, I knew they came around to see me (I was living by myself then)  because I smelt my grandma's perfume,and grandpa's after shave) again,I wasn't scared,as I was brought up to believe,and it seemed normal.
Also,in high school,I had gone to the mall at lunchtime,as do half the other students,and I was in the record store,all by myself,when I heard a voice saying Socials Test on Wednesday, (I swear this is was loud and clear,right in my ear) and nearly fell off my chair when the teacher announced it in class the same or next day!

Now I get premonitions of small events that are to come,when these little voices pop up in my head and describe something in a short sentence,or sometimes I'll dream of something that is yet to occur..sometimes I even know what someone is thinking..

All of this is 100% true
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Aug 2, 2010