Not Sure What To Call It

Since I was young I have been able to read people. By there picture or when I talk with them,  I have been told I do quite well when I have a mind to.
Sometimes however, I look at profiles and "see: stuff about people and have to bite my tongue not to say anything. Sometimes I can , some  times I CAN'T.   It gets the better of me and I approach you. I feel  things all the time and have been wanting to explore becoming a psychic counselor.
Help people , mediate for them , get them through tough times.   The thing that stops me is I don't want all that pressure or resposibility.
So what is a person to do
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2 Responses Apr 17, 2011

I don't mind if someone tells me something good or bad if they are really psychic, but I never want anyone to 'read' me with cards or such as this isn't good for the reader or the receiver. I don't ever want to open that window again. Not for me.<br />
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If a person can just look at a picture and see things, no big deal. Its no different than any other gift. If you can sing, and walk in a room, you wouldnt just belt out a song. It would be rude. so yeah, its the same. Well a scan has started and that compromises my computing. ho hum.<br />
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Thanks for your thoughts all. Enjoyed it.

Most people just want to know what's on your mind. And some just only want to hear good stuff. You gotta take it with a grain of salt and ignore the bad but use it as a learning experience. You can read me anytime and i would not critcize your opinion. After all my best friend now hates me and said i'm not a man but a frail little sissy baby girl.