What Were They?

22nd. January, 2012

I have looked everywhere on the web and in libraries etc., and have never been able to find anything about this in any shape or form whatsoever. I have been told that it was 'ball-lightning' BUT I have actually seen ball-lightning both in the UK and the USA, where I lived for several years since the following occurrences and I can categorically say that it was NOT ball-lightning, or ball lightning as described by most observers, which I saw on both the occasions in question; in any case, there was no stormy weather about and, in fact, the weather was calm on both occasions.

In November 1972 at about 4pm. I went into a back bedroom of my home, looked through the west facing window and noticed that it was a calm clear late afternoon with the sun setting low in the sky. I turned away from the window towards my right and suddenly noticed about to two feet above and about two feet in front of me, a slowly revolving, brilliant sphere - it seemed to be a gold orb, about the size of a large grapefruit; as it revolved it seemed to give off scintillating flashes from coloured jewels which appeared to be embedded in it. I must re-iterate here that the object appeared to be absolutely SOLID and appeared to actually be a metallic object.

It was utterly silent and I just stood and looked at it as it was so astonishing and utterly beautiful; I was totally unafraid and had a distinct knowledge that whatever it was it would not hurt me, it seemed TOTALLY BENIGN - I just wondered what it was.

As I stood watching it, after about two or three minutes, it just 'went' - that is the only thing I can say - one second it was there, the next it was gone!

Exactly the same thing occurred in July 1978 but in a different house, as we had moved by that time; it was about 7.50pm., a calm, fairly cloudy evening - I was looking through the north-east facing window of our living room and again noticed the object to my right about two feet above and two feet away from me. The same events occurred.

On both occasions, I suffered no ill effects whatsoever; I have just been left with a longing to know what it was and why it was there. I suppose my feelings on both occasions was one of, what I can only describe as

I feel that I must add here that I am psychic and have been since a very small child, but not realising that I was until I was in my teens, having thought that everyone saw departed people, etc., etc.

I have not seen this phenomenon again since the above mentioned BUT would really love to.

I hope some-one has heard of this before and can perhaps shed some light on it. Thanks, anyway

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1 Response Jan 22, 2012

My grandparents whitnessed the same thing in same time fr<x>ame as you did. My grandparent where in bed and that energy ball came throught their window, stoped at the foot of their bed for a few minutes and took off out the window. She never knew what it was about either. However, it is intresting that you and her shared the same experience in that same time period.