I Am A Psychic And I Need Help

I've known I was psychic when i first started having dreams about things that would appear to me when I wake. That was years ago and a young kid. Now that I'm an adult I need someone to help me understand and get more development. It's just so hard to find someone like me. I understand the basics but I wish I had someone to go through the journey with me.
shadow78 shadow78
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 5, 2012

Shadow, you may realize that your ability has been subconciously been protecting you through your life. I think now you have come to the realization that it can be developed to assist you in the future you may persue. I feel the best way is to organize your thoughts and your gift will be there to guide you. I will be happy to talk with you, sincerely Mark

Meditation helps, try to do that once a day, it helps to strengthen and fine tune my abilities.

Keep an everyday journal, first thing when you get up write down your dreams when they're fresh on your mind for later research.

Take it one day at time, don't overwhelm yourself... let the energies flow naturally.

I hear you. Maybe you can find someone near you . A mentor perhaps. We all need people we can relate to.