Does Anyone Else Experience This And What Does It Mean?

I experience a feeling whenever my head is clear or I think of it, like right now: It feels like a wave of magnetic energy circulating around me, up my back and down my front, pausing at my crown chakra. Sometimes I feel two waves, going in opposite directions. I assume this is positive energy, but have no idea what it means. There must be others who've had the same sensation and wonder if anyone can offer some insight.

Another thing is that last year, in the fall, I had a bird in my apartment. It looked rather old and straggly. I opened the back door and got away from the door and it soon flew outside. Because it was getting cool I had no windows open and rarely have reason to open a door, so I thought it was strange. Almost a week later, a younger bird was flying around again. Again I just let it out. I figured then there must have been a nest in my closet but didn't look for it. This same phenomenon took place two more times, all several days apart. By the time the last one emerged, I had gotten a cat and warned it not send any more along. I checked the closet and there was no nest anywhere. The time between their appearances seemed too far apart to be a family. I allow for the possibility that this may have been some sort of hallucination but that doesn't make much sense either.

Might members have some insight on these experiences?

Thank you
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4 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I had a similar feeling when a psychic was reading off of me , I could feel the energy of her around me and very strong to.

There is a myth that when a bird flies into you house that someone you know will die soon?
Did that happen ?

Far as the Energy thing goes, I have that happen to me too. You are just tuning in to your Body's Energy field, IT is good! So my Vice to you, is that you should picture in your mind, getting more good Energy.<br />
Next about the Birds. this is a hard one! The reason that they are coming to you, might be because they are your Spirit Animal. Mind is the Crow! Try talking to them!

coming in a vent possibility over the stove????