Helping Is Our Reward

The greatest reward reading of being psychic is helping others. It is why I have been granted this gift. Other than raising my children, it is the reason I am here.

A couple years ago, my niece, who had just delivered her first child, told me about websites of woman who were pregnant or trying to be. She advised told me many of them were consulting psychics who charged 20 and 30 dollars. She describe it as a "cash cow." It sounded like a good way to make some pocket change and help someone at the same time.

I started by offering free readings to build up a reputation and strengthen my skills. I planned to the charge a minimal fee to see how that went. When I offered the free readings I soon became bogged down with requests and withdrew the offer. I was amazed by the clarity I felt when I did these. Once I began extremely nervous as soon as I opened the email and and began my reply with by typing RELAX ! in huge bold letters. She replied right away that she had been indeed was very worrisome and nervous about her pregnancy and would take my advice to trust and use methods to relax and calm herself. Often I simply gave advice, methods of manifesting, ways to prevent existing children feeling left out, etc.

That alone felt good, but when I started getting confirmation of my predictions and how much my other advice had helped, my heart swelled with the joy of having helped so many.

I stopped giving readings for various reasons, but have recently realized I need to begin again just for the pleasure of helping and doing what I am meant to do.

Should anyone find this appealing, I advise you to give it a try. The more you do, the more confident you'll feel. There are always some who will not be satisfied for various reasons. Don't let this discourage you. I also advise limiting the number of readings you offer and choose those you reply to. Many are not sincere and simply want a handout.

Should anyone seek further information feel free to contact me.

Happiness and fulfillment,

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2 Responses Apr 29, 2012

Hi I am going to message you in response to this post.

I do not experience any psychic powers of this kind,but perhaps have been gifted in other ways.I have seen for myself indisputable evidence of others psychic abilities,demonstrated especially for me,so although I have always believed,I also have something concrete to judge by.