Doubt It Please!!

Ok so for the past two years I have been getting goose bumps every time I belive I here the truth and here is my first evidence that has shown a positive result I was watching a tv show "touch" and it was talking about a cargo ship that had tipped in the pasific ocean spilling rubber ducks that washed up in Hawaii Australia and amarica some stuck in current.

I resurched it and found it had actualy happend.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I know what you mean, i get the same thing except instead of goose bumps. I get like a vibration shiver. Sometimes i will hear of see something, then a thought of how it really is or why its happening will pop up then ill get that a knowing.

It is like a vibration shiver. Goose bumps was the best way I could describe it :)

An event which physicists today might connect with entanglement. Thanks for sharing.