Lately I feel unplugged from something more meaningful. I have had a lot of experiences I have been enlightened in many ways. But something’s missing, it use to be, I would have an experience say a premonition and it would leave me with these strong feelings of wonder, amazement and depending on the outcome, sadness and defeat. Then I would start to feel mostly defeat and guilt of not being able to do anything more than see or feel someone’s pain.

For a long time it seems like different types of psychic gifts are poping up and the other steps down for a bit. Almost like im trying different ones out.

I'm a empath, lately its not just emotions I feel from others, its physical pain.
A little awhile ago I was sitting in my bed, out of nowhere I had a pain in my chest and a feeling of panic and dread consumed me. I felt like I was about to die. I was in my room with my girlfriend and even though she knows of some of my gifts. Something’s just can’t be understood unless you experience it yourself and I didn’t want to freak out in front of her or scare her. So I left the room and acted like I was going to the bathroom. As I stood there trying to breathe , the feelings melted away. So I returned to the room, a couple minutes later I heard the ambulance stop close by. I felt the dread come back, I got up to look and it stoped just across the street. I saw them bring out a woman , she was unconscious . I don’t know if she died.

Sometimes life feels way to mundane. Though I know even the small things in life have meaning and purpose. I guess I just feel lost, stuck. I want to be able to understand and use my gifts in a better way, to help others. I hate the feeling of not being connected to something bigger. Its hard sometimes not having others who can relate to you. In something that is such a big part of you. I have even gone to psychic readers , the ones I go to I know there good. But I don’t just go for the reading, I mostly go for the connection, understanding of something more that we share. Its funny sometimes i feel really old and other times i feel like a kid asking for more..Its not that i am ungrateful. I'm very grateful..its just Why is it lately I feel unplugged? I want to help, I just don’t know how too.
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I have that feeling sometimes. Maybe you need more challenges. Maybe you have achieved what you needed to with that particular gift and now you must continue and grow. The answers lye within you, you have to continuously seek through meditation. I find this helps for me. also you will have ups and downs where your emotions will effect your ability to use your gift. how do you know that one of your gifts has not allowed you to take on energy that wasn't yours ? You need to unload some of the old stuff. You need to re-centre.xoxo.

when you have built a strong desire and determination to be "plugged in" for the good of your family and your community and those you meet, then you will find answers and opportunities to grow coming to you in unusual ways. perhaps a stranger becomes a mentor or a book falls into your hands or a "dream" opens you to new truths, new possibilities.

I've seen this law of cause and effect explained in several places, but the best I've seen that helps to put it to work is the book THINK AND GROW RICH by Hill. It doesn't just say, "get this attitude to make yourself into a magnet for what you want," it gives usable recipes for creating the attitude that will make a positive change in life.


Strange I been feeling the same way, but out of the blue I get this fear of death hitting me as for me I am not scared of it..part of life. But, at times I been feeling unplugged when i need to be on my game in what I do for a living....But I get the feeling that your in need of major time to get inot your full down load to understand why or what is going on....