To All The Real And Experienced "psychics" On Here

I believe I have a little bit of psychic in me. i don't talk to dead people but i do predict little things that happen. It is nothing too serious, but i would like to be stronger and do more. I do believe there is something there especially because my mom has the same things and more happen to her as well as my sister. How do I get stronger?
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I always like reading what nelladell has to say...her insights and willingness to share are always very much appreciated. What I would like to add is that being psychic is a very individual thing. What resonates with me is that most people really don't want to be psychic...even though younger people may think it is cool, when it comes down to the seriousness of really is a lot to handle. I have meant several people that are psychic and choose to keep it at a minimum. I've meant two that choose no longer to use this ability.

When I "woke up', as I call it. When I became aware that their is much more going on than we could, or are suppose to know, I asked for information that only pertained to my mission here on this plane. That request was I live a balanced and healthy life...where I can play a very positive part in my community. This resonates very clearly with me as being a major part of "my" purpose here. We all have different paths...all paths are blessed.

You may not get everything you ask for...if it is not beneficial to your function/mission here, you will not receive it. If it is beneficial...than all you have to do is ask deeply and sincerely. A form of meditation. Than pay attention to the signs and information that come your way. If you are suppose to receive it, you will!

The depth of our existence goes far beyond this know what you know, because of why you are here. If you need to know more, than you will

I receive information through electrical sensations I get when I "think" a truism...a truism for me that is. It is not my function here, at least at this point, to involve myself about the knowledge of others. I do use Reiki and other forms of energy healing to much success. But I stay on a very specific and well defined path. I stay in gratitude and humility as best I can. I allow my ego to play a role...but a very small role.

If you "feel" you are psychic...than you are! Take your time with it. Honor the ability, as you would any gift. Ask your higher self/guides for assistance. Read information/books that you are drawn to..Source will send you information in many forms...just be on the look out. Try and stay balanced and healthy....and go "Within". You have everything you need within your own soul's consciousness. Always try and live/resonat in "Love". Howard

Gotta love the information given here! Thank you, Howard.

Your very welcome! H

Thank you nelladell

I can't claim to be in the group to which you aimed your post, but i decided to see what you had to say, anyhow, then I dared to put in some of the tiny bit i know from experience.

In direct answer to your question -- one of my mentors, "the Gypsy," said that one of the things one needed to do to have trustworthy psychic ability was to trust the intuition and to keep the mind calm with regular meditation so the intuition can flow. Aside from that, I feel that you can google up a lot on the subject.

My own answer to your query would be something like, "program yourself" to be psychic -- or whatever. The book THINK AND GROW RICH by Hill gives easy methods for doing this successfully -- no matter what you want to program yourself for.

But the reason I am taking the time to answer this: I remember how I felt when I was young, and I understand where you're coming from. If you can believe that you can program yourself for anything -- that a high goal doesn't need to be harder to reach than a low goal -- then it would be wise to think wisely about that goal -- about what star to aim at. There are goals, for instance, whose attainment gives psychic powers, and more, as mere side effects.

Something else it might help you to know -- there are different types of psychic "information." One type is a picture or sign which you have to interpret. Another is something that comes to you complete and clear and with the undeniable knowledge that it is correct. The difference between these two can be explained as glimpsing a shadow out of the tail of the eye on one hand, and entering into something and becoming part of it on the other hand.

The latter is what I meant when I spoke of a side effect.

Build wisely and may peace be yours.