Can Anyone Explain This..?

I have always had a tingling sensation between my eyebrows that would sometimes happen on its own or if i concentrated on the area. Its happening on a daily basis, but the last few days the sensation is so strong and i would now describe the sensation to be more like a pulling feeling in that area. It is now such a strong feeling and its almost always there. Does this happen to anyone else?

Thanks :)
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it happens to me. this is usually when opening my third eye. now adays it is open most of the time, but i do now know what it is.

Do you have, or have you ever had, the sensation of a halo around your head? Is this the third eye or some other chakra? I've totally ignored information on chakras because I thought they were just some kind of meditation practice exercise.

If the third eye is included as a chakra, what is the halo? For me it was made of bright light emanating in a circle around my head. Is this a chakra, or is it some idiosyncratic event that I experienced?

the third eye is one of the basic chakras. the halo might be the crown chakra, or the chakra at the top of your head. and i've never seen or had the feeling of a halo. but i have felt horns. :(

OMG, horns? Do you think that is like the "otherkin" people who have sensations of phantom wings, or other phantom parts?

Right after I asked you my question, I realized I could look it up (duh) and I saw the crown chakra.

I had this blazing halo for three weeks. I was in college and I was more concerned about good grades than blazing halos, so I pushed it back down until it subsided. Back then there was no Internet, no way to talk to anyone about it. I just added it to my list of "I wonder what that was".

Hiya, good to know, mine happens most of the time now too. Think im definately on the right track to developing further. I would love to hear any of your experiences too, feel free to message me anytime :) xx

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Hi Sunshine 3009. I'm getting lost in all these replies so I'll start a new reply thread. This is regarding you request for suggestions on how to develop your psychic visions. I've been writing it out over several days, so I apologize for the length. It's got some good stuff though.

I am from the American Midwest.  If you've ever heard Prairie Home Companion, you know my back story.  I'm sorry, I couldn't tell if you asked me this or asked someone else.

In my experience, the pineal gland sees dark things below, and light things above.  Light is good, and dark is evil.  I've never had a thing about "good and evil", but I don't know how else to describe it.   Also, these classifications are being made by a more primitive part of the brain, so "evil" may just refer to that crawly thing with a poisonous bite (snake).

I heard a story recently about the "monkey brain".  It's some part of the brain that is more primitive, more simple.  It cannot make lists, like a grocery list, but it can keep sending signals to your conscious brain about things you have forgotten to do.  Scientists have given it a whimsical name---the "monkey brain".   So now, when you remember something out of the blue, instead of panicking, "oh no, I almost forgot!"', just say "thank you, monkey brain".

I really like this message board.  It gets me thinking. I need someone to talk to in order to get some of these ideas churning..  I can't just go out to coffee with my psychic friends.  Anyway, about good and evil....I'm not fearful of psychic experiences of evil (although there are real people who are evil---just watch Discovery I.D.).

Our primitive brain formed in an "eat or be eaten" world.  Overwhelming fear of real danger was critical in the race to evolve.  Creatures that didn't react to danger appropriately, got eaten.  Now, as humans, with our highly evolved brains and artificial environments, these "reptilian brain" perceptions can be just plain wrong.  When I see people on this site who are experiencing overwhelming fear---I think their reptilian brains may have gotten back-doored into the driver's seat, so that they are failing to distinguish between psychic abilities (thank you, reptilian brain) and deeply imbedded fear reactions, which can also emanate from the reptilian brain. (Maybe that's why we see so many scales, tails and teeth in our artistic renditions of evil.)

I would suggest that your next stage should be to study the numinous images you see.  These images are densely packed with information.  They come on strong, probably being too complex for your brain to understand.  Sometimes they are only there for a few seconds, so you have to rely on your memory, augmented by notes.

There's something called a "snap shot" memory.  It refers to those memories you have, which are vivid and stand out.  It's like your brain took a picture right then.  I've had some luck learning to intentionally take snap shot pictures with my brain.  If at all possible, take a snap shot of the numinous image.  Then later, write about it, or even draw it, to bring it back into focus.  Then you can learn more from what you saw.

In addition to a handwritten dream journal, you may want to maintain a diary on your computer, just to remember details over the years.  

I see that a lot of people on this site are meditating.   Maybe you know more than me about enhancing your psychic skills.  So, if everyone else is meditating, keep mediating.  

I hope I have further elucidated my perspective.   Please keep me in the loop.  I would like to be there to help if I could.

Aww thankyou, your such a beautiful soul. Thanks so much for the information. I believe the dream journal i am keeping is really helping as I am dreaming every night now. I also dream things on a regular basis before they happen, warning dreams. I dont know a whole lot about astral projection, i have described my experiences to people who have suggested that is what it is. As i go to sleep at night i have seen my spirit body surrounded in white light walking around my bedroom as i watch my physical body sleep. This is when i see spirits come to me. The last time it happened my grandfather who has passed came to me, it was such a great experience to witness such joy and happiness from him. But that was a while ago now and because i was not as well equipped as i am now i was frightened at the time by the experiences i was having. Hopefully i can connect with him again, it was really nice to see him. Geez if i told anyone else this they would think i was definately crazy haha. Anyways nice chatting to you again. Feel free to message me anytime i love hearing from you :) xxx

I had one dream over twenty years ago where someone who had died visited me. I had the same reaction---stark raving terror. Now THAT is what a numinous image will do to you. I felt bad later and hoped she would come back, but I think that is just the way we are programmed. So don't feel bad if it's too much---it can be too much.

I don't know anything about astral projection. I stopped reading psychic literature, because I couldn't distinguish between psychic and pseudo-psychic materials. I just didn't know who was real and who was building a million dollar business on suckers.

Thanks for replying. Now go back to your life and enjoy it. You can go backwards through my icon to read other things I've responded to. I wrote a lot this week because I just found this site and I am flabbergast that it exists. I need to get over my shock.

My own family is psychic, so that helps. In third grade I tested my classmates for psychic ability with materials I got from the University of Virginia Rhine Institute. I didn't realize that I was weird. My teacher must have had a cow. Still, I talked to my own mother tonight, and we both know the other is psychic, and I couldn't get up the nerve to tell her about this site. You know, we talk in hushed tones, even amongst ourselves.

You are real. You do exist. You are not crazy. Chow for now!

The tingling could be related to the third eye chakra. When the chakras are stimulated by spirit they can be felt physically. I didn't believe in it til I had my heart chakra suddenly opened in church and the pastor stopped the whole service to tell me what had happened in a sea of people. Felt like an ice pick going through my heart. But since then Ive studied extensively. My crown chakra does this the most, feels like a fountain of energy. It doesn't mean you are going to see spirits or anything, but the third eye is activated. Not a bad start for a spiritual journey. Best of luck!

Hiya thanks so much for the response. I have been trying to meditate and develop spiritually. I see alot of spirits but only as i go to sleep at night, hopefully i can develop further :)

That's generally when I see them too. Your astral body projects several times a week during dreams, we just forget. The more you meditate, the more control you gain. Your third eye is open enough to see what lingers. I have spontaneously projected through chakra meditation alone, when I focused on my third eye. Was a very memorable experience. I suggest praying and visualizing protection though because there are spirits who will try to scare you from time to time. Ive found that I only see them before something really bad happens. But praying for protection and incorporating visualizing said protection into my meditation routine kept them from bugging the ever living daylights out of me. Keep a dream journal and write everything down. Tell your subconscious, "I do not filter my dreams" and "I am going to remember my dreams". Its like programming a computer. Feed it solid, unquestionable statements. No I want tos, I am's. I hope you write more about your experiences, I would love to hear about your milestones. :)

Yeah i am going to start keeping a dream journal again and see how i go, hopefully i can bring my experiences i have while im going to sleep into the waking world. I am able at times to watch myself and my husband as we sleep and walk around my room while watching my physical body, which is pretty cool. That is when the spirits come forward and I am able see them clearly and communicate through thought. I have a question though...I have been having nightmares, it started the day i got my new tarot deck whether that has anything to do with it i dont know. But that night my daughter whos 3 and my son and i all had nightmares. I am still continuing to have nightmares and so is my daughter, my son seems to be ok. But i have been dreaming of people being slaughtered in front of me, weird i know. I feel as though each time i take a step forward in trying to develop whatever it is i have that something always tries to interfere. Do you think that dark energies can have that effect as to manipulate your dreams? I have had many experiences with darker entities (with good always comes the bad i spose) but im pretty good at protecting myself so im not afraid of anything that comes my way. What are your thoughts on that? Where are you from by the way? (just curious) im from Perth, Australia :)

Me again. I purused some of the posts below. A shortcut to stimulating you psychic side is to journal---long hand handwriting only. Typing or speaking doesn't seem to do it.

Also write down your current dream just as you wake up. You start by remembering a dream, but the path this leads down is to be awake in your dreams and more in control. Then the path that this leads down is to have more numinous dreams, and now you are getting into the psychic realm.

If it scares you or you don't like it, quit jounaling---especially quit dream jounaling. It will all subside.

Keep in mind this is not a science. I'm sharing my first hand knowledge with you, and when I went through it, there was no one to talk to. I became really concerned that I would somehow scramble my own brain, so I stopped.

I'm very focused on life, so I'm not a candidate for being a serious psychic. But I still have a very rich psychic life. I guess it calls on me, instead of the other way around.

Hiya thanks for the response. Very interesting, I did start to keep a dream journal but stopped doing it cos i didnt know what the point was but that makes alot of sense. I will start my journal again and see if i can develop further. I see alot of spirits as i go to sleep at night but not while im awake, hopefully i can bring it into my waking life. I find this all very interesting and am looking forward at developing further. Thanks for your help xx

hi thanks for your response much appreciated :)

I do have dreams all the time of things before they happen. I am trying to develop my abilities further but seem to be a bit stuck. I have started meditating on a daily basis so hopefully that helps me.

Thanks again xx

Yeah, I would say that's your pineal gland (third eye).  At one time, like millions of years ago, the pineal gland was a kind of primitive eye, distinguishing light from dark.  It's buried deep in the human brain, now, so it can't actually see anything anymore.  But, instead, it has become a sensory organ for our "sixth sense".  (Pretty cool, huh?)

I remember a particular time when my pineal gland got really over-stimulated.  Because at the time I didn't know my pineal gland from my elbow, I was worried about what was causing the physical sensation.  It felt like it was located in the middle of the brain.  I don't remember it being between my eyebrows.  For me it felt lower.  I'm pretty sure, though, that we're talking about the same thing.

So, if your third eye is active enough to create a physical sensation, you should have a stronger sixth sense than normal.  Since you're on this message board, I'm guessing you have psychic abilities.  What you do going forward will probably depend on your particular skills and interests.

Of course, this is a psychic message board, not a medical message board.  We're all thinking "third eye" while a doctor might say "MRI, and the sooner the better".  But it is possible to feel your third eye.

You are clairvoyent n not using it. That's your third eye connected to second sight. All you can do is either use it or find a way to totally ignore it, for it to go away.

Hi, thanks for responding :) I certainly dont want it to go away, do you have any advice on how i can develop it further? It is such an immensly strong sensation and is happening most of the day on a daily basis. Ive have prophetic dreams on a regular basis but thats about it. Any advice would really help :)

Everyone is different but, for u, u just need to pay attention to those pictures that pop in your mind. I get the feeling it's a remote veiwing type of situation with u n probably happens when thinking of certain people. Just acknowlegde what you're seeing n see how it relates.

Will do, thanks for your help :))

I found a really helpful technique quite by accident. Write out your thoughts or memories in longhand (good old-fashioned pen and paper). It's like a voice that only comes out through your hand. Typing doesn't work---just longhand writing. Isn't that odd? Thinking verbally or speaking must be too cerebral, coming from a newer part of the brain (evolutionarily). The hand may connect to a more primitive version of thoughts, like when animals use their eyes to talk.

My third eye opened right up. Of course, at the time I didn't know what the third eye (pineal gland) was, but I read and researched until I was able to understand it better.

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I think somebody like your guardian angel/spirit guide or other spirits would like to talk to you ;D

Same thing happens to me, especially if I focus on it.

Do you know why?

I have no idea to be honest, but people tell me it's because I focus on it, or must have a sensitive spot on my forehead. It can possible be that, but it does feel strange I must admit.