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I have always known that I was psychic. It runs in my family. People can think what they will. I still worship God, I just have gifts.  Its a beautiful thing, really.
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Here is my question, can you read people from anywhere meaning through the phone, the internet or can you only sense them better and only in person?

does anyone believe in like an evil spirit lying dormant in a person

I am a Reiki Master, PsychicMedium, Angel Messenger as well as teach many how to develop these gifts. I will tell you we all have gifts. I am also Catholic. For all who think it's bad, well think again. Jesus was a prophet and a healer.. where do you think we get these gifts from anyway. It is not the devil. It is the divinity each one of us has already, especially if we are connected to God.

More people need to know this.

What did one psychic say to the other?<br />
"You're fine but how am I"<br />
<br />
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my best to everyone here.

:) Very nice.

Interesting form of the gift and nice insight to your beliefs on the matter! Thanks for sharing! :)

I think, we all have the spirit, but in order to be in the spiritual, we have to give back. When you do the Will of God and never mind all that other stuff...I mean the real deal. Loving one another, helping your neighbor, and being a living legacy of love, you will hear the spirit tell you. Not everything, but what you need to know. Its true, some people just have this gift in its fullness. But used in the wrong way, can bring a great deal of negative experiences. <br />
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Im not psychic. I have never been psychic, but Im intuitive if I just let it flow and know when to listen to it. I have met people who are fully pyschic. No cards, nothing except perceptions. Its quite amazing to me. I think when the human race starts acting in truth at all times, we will have a more psychic realm here.<br />
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For some reason, when someone dies, I think of that person. Its weird. I might have spoken to them once in my life. Moved miles away. I might be busy reading and think of that person out of the blue. then learn days later,that they had passed away. I guess it seems like a gift, but it tells me to pray for that person to assist them.

I don't use any tools.. I am the tool. lol

Yeah, I don't listen to her ****. At all.


It both a blessing and a pain really. Sometimes you see things you don't want to, or read things you don't want to (I read tarot). And I am constantly seeing signs everywhere. But it is all a blessing as well and I'm thrilled I have it.

My granda could read tea leaves when he was here and was accurate.....id love to have the gifts you have? Im very fascinated by psychics.

Doesn't it make you feel better to know you're not alone?

i have known that i was psychic for a couple of years and when i told my dad he told me that he and my sister were too.

Yeah I know what you mean... Kinda makes you feel a little better to know you're not the only one...

i have written about my experience in more detail......i am interested in finding more pple that have had similar experiences........

Wow... I've never been possesed (other than in my dreams)... but I do agree with you. I, too, believe that we all have the abilities... but some don't know how to open themselves to them.. or don't want to...

eastrandkisses, your saying you were possessed.....<br />
very interesting, i would like to know more on this<br />
i have had some similar experiences<br />
here and there

i feel i have an ability but i have never used it.....my mom sees the dead.....and i myself have had experiences with spirits......i have been confronted by a black spirit that engulfed me while i was sleeping i was been suffocated and it took alot of praying to release me from its powers.......some pple think i am weird but i believe that we have the gift but dont know how to use it.........i need someone to show me who i really am and why i have experienced these things....

Thank all of you for your comments. I know I have messaged a few of you, and I'm sorry that I don't have as much time as I used to with my mama having leukemia. But I agree with most everything you have commented. :) And when it comes to Slyvia Browne, I don't believe have of the stuff she does/says.

I agree with Marji, in fact I know we all have the ability, and it is definitely about not just reconnecting but remembering our true selves. Alot of people have 'gut feelings' or follow their intuition, and this is very much linked to psychic ability. Others choose to ignore it or are still simply not aware. I don't think it has anything to do with religion or deities (be they good or evil). Our sixth sense is our connection back to the source of all things which is universal energy. It is people who have given it a title or formed religions to explain it.<br />
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I used to enjoy Sylvia Browne's books but now find there are things about her that don't ring true for me. She is very entertaining, but I prefer reading Allison Dubois (and no, I do not watch Medium - I mention her for the fact of the accuracy of the information in her books), Dawn Hill, Doris Stokes, Raymond Moody, Ted Andrews, Eckhardt Tolle,...oh, and Neale Donald Walsch (he is brilliant!).<br />
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If you are looking for free readings, then you might try this forum: http://psyche.forumarena.com/ They have a resident reader who is quite good.<br />
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hi, im a type of phsycic/medeum,. Had gifts all my life but just resently, over the last 7 years, it has got more interesting,., And even more with my coven of wiccans,.,.<br />
Love and light.,xx*Phoenix*

i love phsycic stuff. i'm sure you've heard of sylvia browne. i love her. she's amazing. is it possible to get a reading on this site???

The Devil gets way too much credit, xD. I think we all have some sort of psychic ability, esp. if it isn't dismissed and discouraged in youth.