Known Since I Was About 5

I had a few bad experiences when I was little and I woke up to see two... things... of light at the foot of my bed soon after my grandparents departed... which were due to those bad experiences. It sort of looked like if someone flashed a camera in your eyes.. the after images that you see... but more focused and not moving with your eyes.. anyway after that I was left with my mom to raise me alone and have had numerous other experiences... i've learned over time to put up walls against it because of obvious problems that its caused and spent the last few years breaking back down those barriers.
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I know what you mean when you say it causes problems, sometimes i feel like its more of a curse than a blessing. No offense to anyone, I just have a hard time dealing with it all. I feel like I am at a fork in the road, on one side I want to better develop this if possible, on the other side I'm tired of the up and down emotions, and visions and uncomfortable sensations, tired of nobody understanding and fear of rejection, almost don't want it... :(

It runs in my family too. My mum and her family are all psychic, and my dad and his family are all sceptics. Things were really confusing when I was younger lol

Well that is what I am sensing, that even though it does run in the family, it is like you are the first to have the abilities, if your mom had bad experiences this is not where you want to learn, you will need to teach yourself as I did. I was raised with zero belief, no belief system at all and I learned from scratch, I know it feels like a very long process BUT... I would be willing to be a support for you, I mentor another person who also was learning from scratch but I have to say her abilities were so strong that she excelled 10 times faster then I ever did!! just send me a personal note and I will send you my email.. k? It even helps if you have someone to talk to, and I absolutely love helping others! *hugs* CindySue (Mystic)

it almost feels as if I am fighting uphill.... I just wish she woudl teach me what she knows so I can progress faster

well these "abilities" tend to run in my family... my biological mother has forbidden me to practice because she has has bad experiences... but I have researched and practiced on my own

That is awesome, and It seems you have some very strong abilities.. have you done any reading to help you understand and be more comfortable with it all?