Many Psychic Events Into One Story


I've always known that I had special abilities however; I just didn't pay to much attention to them much as I was growing up. When I got married is the time I started to hone my abilities and open my psychic eye. I see colored orbs and white orbs, spirits, Angels but I'm not positive if I've seen a ghost yet. I can feel temperature change when the none living enters the room. I can smell spirits....I dislike it when it's cigarette smoke or cigar smoke..yucky. I love smelling perfume, or their favorite food and one time I got the scent of bubby gum

My intuition is very strong. I use to listen to it only 1/2 the time but now that I know it's right all the time I listen all the time. I've had spirits contact me in odd ways and to this day I don't know what some of the messages were.

One time we couldn't afford to have our phone connection so I unplugged the phones but left them in their places. One day I was in the living room talking with a friend and the phone rang. I said to him his cell phone was ringing. He told me it wasn't his because his was turned off. I ran into the office and sure enough the phone that was unplugged was ringing. I answered it however; I didn't hear anything on the other end. This happened 2 other times before the week was out.

Another time I was sleeping in bed with my husband and it was a darn good sleep too. All the sudden somebody started tugging on my big toe. I woke up to see a tall man in his late 50's look at me, turn and walk out of the room. I got up to follow him and he walked right through the front door. I mumbled, to myself "well, I guess you want me to go outside in the dead of winter in my nighty and no slippers. Some spirits just have no respect...mumble mumble" When I unlocked and opened the door he was gone. I found out later that day after talking to my dad about the story that my cousin's father died and wanted his son by his side that lived in my city. However, the son couldn't fly out to his dad's side because his wife just had open heart surgery and needed to stay here. I personally don't know any of these folks.

Another time I was in the washroom and in comes a shadow like spirit right under the door. I said "Excuse me; a little privacy would be nice!" The shadow sat there for a second and then went back under the door. While my husband and I were in the living room talking in comes this shadow the size of a dinner plate. It went up onto my husbands chair then back down onto the ground and then climbed up the couch and sat right on my right shoulder. It turns out it's a spirit cat because now we can see it completely, hear it from time to time and feel it jump onto the bed. It also plays with our pets and boy is that funny to watch. 

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Yes things do work weird in this area, I found many things she said I had experienced, and geez it is like sitting and doing a puzzle!! Just today I had the smell of a perm, I had no clue what this one was, I did not know anyone who got perms in their hair, as I thought about it, the only ones I knew that got perms were the residents of the nursing home that I worked at here recently, so I passed it off.. and then later I went to the computer to find a message on my "My Space" from one of my old co workers who was needing some advice. I should really document this stuff!!! Thanks for sharing, and I hope the stories keep coming here!!

I think you should look more into this... When you are smelling a scent that you do not like... if your intuition doesn't jump in to tell you that it is ok.... generally that is a sign that something is wrong one way or another and could mean a veriety of things... In regards to the phone.. It could also mean a veriety of things from someone needing to contact you and trying to get you to pay attention to the signs.. or to simply give you a message that you need to work on your communication... things work wierd in this area :P

mmm spirit animals, when i was a kid i remember tripping oner something that felt soft and furry, i quickly flicked on the light as, at the time my mum and dad had no pets, and i searched the house but there was nothing there, i definately felt soft warm fur on my foot. Ive had several experiences but what id really love is for my last dog, who i loved so much and still miss to "show me a sign" and let me know shes ok.