To the Psychics

I'm not psychic in the least but out of curiosity I got to ask on 12/22/2012 will there be any psychics around to foretell the future?

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I don't get to choose what i see. <br />
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If I did I would just see horses and butterflies and cute guys .<br />
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I have found it is always better to plan on having a future :)

It won't be the end of the world, just the end of the world as we know it. An awakening, a coming back to who we were always meant to be, a world which lives for the whole not for the individual, and an emphasis on universal consciousness creating personal responsibility. <br />
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It will be a world of peace, and personally I can't wait! About time we lived in a world that brings us together, not tearing us apart.

I don't believe that the world will end it will change, hopefuly for the better. I feel like cultures and religous believes has all ready started to change and will continue to do so.

yea i have thought that 2 n it is gd 2 b around 2 see n experience what will actually happen!!

Actually I don't believe the world will end it will perhaps pass into another phase of existance. Perhaps the poles will shift and vast numbers of people may die but not all of us. Perhaps cultures and religous believes will change a lot too. It's going to be a interesting time to be alive and even if 12/21/12 may be the last day on earth and life as I know it, I'm glad I chose this time in the history of humans to be born.

I thought that would be ur answer,lol!! <br />
I am sry tho as i dnt no the answer to that, but have been doing a little reading up on the Mayan Calender myself!! <br />
I have also been reading about a spiitual awakening, do u no or have n e comments on this??

Because serenity22, according to the Mayan calendar 12/21/12 is when their calendar ends and is does the world. So I ask to see if the Psychics can see beyond domesday.

Y do u ask that question about that day??