Yesterday I had a conversation with a young woman who is also psychic. She was troubled and saught advice. I was able to help her a little, but the real help was when I tuned in for her.

She told me everything I said was on target and that I had helped her a lot. Those are the highest compliments anyone could pay me; that I gsve an accurate reading and that it was helpful. This is why I've been given this gift. I am now seeking other ways to find those I can help. Any suggestions?
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Hey there:). I was wondering if i could talk to you..

I have a better answer these many months later. It has become apparent to me that the vast majority--actually the vast vast majority--of people offering psychic services are fakes, so there is something you can do, and there is something I do here on EP now. When people show up with questions--especially young psychic people who are trying to understand what is happening to them--I take the time to talk to them. I know that I'm not fake. I know that there are not enough people like me--people who can help other psychics become comfortable with their own unusual abilities.

You should try doing the same thing. The primary reason you or I may not sound as psychic as "professional" psychics is that they are F A K E. It is amazing how many things fake psychics can do--it's hard to keep up (hey, wait a minute!).

The occasional actual psychic who is drawn to this board for legitimate reasons, actually has more to offer than the apparently more talented pros. You can validate the experiences of other psychics with your acknowledgment, or by sharing your own stories of psychic experiences. You can talk to someone who is feeling discouraged about a bad psychic experience and help them feel more positive about themselves. You have a lot to offer to the other psychics who frequent or who pass through this board.

I don't talk to people who are not psychic very much. First, I'm beginning to question all the "standard" psychic services, because they are being offered by fake psychics, so aren't all these services probably fabricated as well? Anyway, I no longer look to these types of psychic operations for any kind of direction. I'm not even sure that "readings" are real. Humans are very malleable, and they tend to adjust their immediate thoughts to match whatever the "reader" is telling them. I think that this is the primary reason why there is a certain percentage of "success."

The other reason I don't talk to non-psychic people is that I am afraid I am only making them more vulnerable. Since almost all psychics selling psychic services are fakes, anyone coming in contact with me is more likely to believe that the next fake psychic they encounter is also real. I'm not going to be a part of that.

Up until now, you may have been thinking of yourself as someone who aspires to be more psychic--think again. A more likely case is that you are one of a tiny minority of people claiming to be psychic who actually is psychic. Your skills are not limited at all. Your skills are authentic. Your limitations are real. Someone who does not possess your limitations, probably is not real.

Build on what you have. Don't look to the professionals for guidance. You need to write your own guide book, starting on page one.

Thank you for your suggestions and guidance. I'll keep them all in mind.

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