None of it matters. None of it matters!

I want to scream at them. Wave my arms in their face. Laugh at them. I want to hold them and to slap them.

Come play with me! Come join me! Wake up wake up!

Crazy. Crazy I'd be called. When it's them who accept this deluded creation as reality.

What are their politics, their money, their news their sports their wars their countries and cultures. They mean nothing. We are all the same. We are all one, of the same being.

There is no separation.

Yet they live in this delusion and it drives me mad. Not so much that they live that way, but because I am the only one who sees this. At least, the only one in my life who sees this.

If they could only remember things would be so much better here. But they won't remember and shouldn't. For us all to become aware would halt progress.

It's worse to know I agree. Worse to know and forced to act. I play the role of this child, this blessed child who has everything delivered to her for no decipherable reason. And I know that who I am expands beyond this. I know that this is not what I am and that who I am is more.

Family, Family. I'm not sure how to cure my sorrows. I assume I shall hold them until death, whenever that may be. Then it's back home again. That place I remember more clearly with every day.

It was easier to deny everything and try to distance myself. Was it happier? No. I already knew and was denying it. It wasn't truly the same as ignorance.

"Peace." You tell me "Peace."

But I don't know how to find it.
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Well, first of all, reality is not a delusion. If you are thinking this way, you are severing your essential ties to your actual, waking life. The real world re-energizes you with the teeming lives of so many live creatures, from the ant to the giant sequoia. Everything here is alive. Life is your home base. It nurtures you and gives you the energy to pursue your psychic life. It gives you a way of centering yourself as being both spiritual and alive. If you continue to focus on psychic reality only, you will gradually be drained and become depressed. Life is the pick-me-up you need to deal with your much more complex and complicated psychic existence.

I mentioned this once already this week, but it bears repeating--we are not human beings having a spiritual experience--we are spirits having a human experience.

Also, we are limited in our abilities. We're not angels or gods--we are humans, with all the accompanying frailties and limitations. I'm not going to beat myself up over being human. On the contrary, I am trying to be self-aware of my life every day. I don't know where else we are going, but right now we are here. Our human existence means something.

Thanks, this made a lot of sense.

Yeah right! PM is a psychic

Nah girl we're not all the same. Humans weren't designed to be "the same"

A patchwork quilt may be made from many different patches but it's still all one quilt