I Have a Sixth Sense But Am I Psychic?

I'm not really sure if I am psychic or not. I definitely have a sixth sense, I always trust my intuition because every time I sense something I am always right, always. But I can't control it, it comes when it wants to. And if you are a real psychic wouldn't you be able to control it? I really don't know so if anyone has an opinion I would love to hear it. Also my great grandma was a real psychic, so maybe I inherited something from her. But whatever it is I have, it saved me from an attacker one time.
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well, if you are psychic, controlling whether or not to use it will take some time and practice.

wolves and many animals sence things and cant control t i no how you feel.

I am an empath who has had paranormal experiences all my life. You can choose how much you want to feel but it takes practise. Ironically, non-empaths have the gift of totally blocking things out (although they claim not to know how to tune in - it is actually the opposite: they are blocking it all out).<br />
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With psychic abilities and seeing ghosts, etc, this is easier to control. Remember that you are the one who is grounded in this dimension (i.e. you have a solid body) and ghosts are not. You can ask them to go or simply ask your guides to close the veil again. You could also cloak yourself visually inside a big bubble of light with a mirror surface that hides you from any entities wishing to make contact.<br />
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Most of all, don't let fear guide you. Ghosts are people like you and me who have died and now their energy appears different. If Aunt Stella loved you when she was alive, she won't come back to see you as a ghost to cause harm. It is still the aunt you loved, only in a different form. You could liken it to her changing from wearing a dress to now wearing a spacesuit. She is still the energy of Stella. Ghosts are drawn to those who can see them because that person can help them communicate with the living. <br />
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missadventurer,<br />
When it comes to controlling psychic ability, it's not something that is automatic. It is something that can be developed over time and practice. There are many things a person can do to develop the gift and sharpen it. Then you can get to a point where you are able to basically open and close the door in a sense. Where you are in control of how much you are willing to let something come through rather than being controlled by something you may or may not understand or are able to interpret. I've been doing readings for many years so if you want any assistance with exercises, etc.. feel free to email me!

When you have a strong sense... or are a sensitive person, as I grew up hating about myself, It is called "Empath" or an extra sensitive nature, I learned how to use it in every day life, and I say "I go by how I feel", many have this ability but pass it off because there is so much negativity and emphasis on intellectually thinking things out that people lose that inner arrow. It is really quite simple, and can be sharpened the more you are aware of it. Hope this helps