Spirt, Ghost? Infomation Needed About This Sighting!

a friend of mine called me last night in tears.  she told me that while she was in bed she saw her door open and a person appear in the doorway.  the person was skinny and tall and pale, she could see every vein and muscle but she couldn't identify the gender, even though this person was completely naked. she put her head under the sheet and cried for about 5 minutes until she looked back and he/she was gone.  she told her brother about it the next day, this was this exact description of the person that her brother had claimed to have see sitting in his room watching him sleep.  he had mentioned this  few years before but it had stopped when he refused to sleep in there again.  the day before i was at this same girls house, i had see a tall, thin pale figure in the reflection of the TV in her room, but i didn't say anything to her because i knew it would scare her.

neither of us have any idea what could have caused this or why this person would show her/himself to her.  please if anyone knows anything please tell me

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It was someone that lived there... or at least on that property and he doesn't get what's going on, because he knows something is wrong, but he can't quite get the fact he's dead. He's a bit grumpy, and he likes his space, and wonders what people are doing there that he doesn't know. <br />
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I wouldn't suggest telling him he's dead, he might get super grumpy, but I do suggest telling him that he's causing people to become uncomfortable and scared. Maybe you can ask that he finds a place to hang out where no-one sleeps.<br />
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Just my personal opinion/ insight thingy.

Two things (maybe more I will type as I go)<br />
1: If it is something negative, it came from someone's mind and can be removed through positivity. Fear, anger, negative emotions would feed it. Know that your will needs to be firm, strong, and in control. Know that you are in control of everything the spirit world may give you. If you feel negative emotions from this thing entity whatever you want to call it, visualize it in a pink tutu or silly bunny costume and never, ever give it a name. Only acknowledge the presence and let it know it is time to move on, it is not welcome here, be firm and resolute but do not get angry or show a glimpse of fear or you will give it a hold to remain. Just stay calm and take control. You also shouldn't try to contact it with spirit boards or anything because you give it an "in" that you may not be able to control.<br />
2: It may be someone who has lived in the house and doesn't realize they are dead. If you can get a group of you together and just speak to the entity without naming it or anything, he will know who you are referring to. Set boundaries, he may be looking for help or has a message, or doesn't want to go into the light because of his fear of judgment (which is a crock of **** there is no hell you go where you think you will go until you are recycled by the universal consciousness). Tell him that he has died and it is time to move into the light. You can't help him anymore than urging him into the light and he needs to move on. Again the will of everyone involved needs to be strong and resolute. Beforehand you need to visualize a protective beam of light around you like an egg and visualize roots from your feet into the earth. If you believe in angels or guides ask them for assistance. Your visualization of him may have been influenced by what her brother said he saw as well as your friend's. Our mind can help create what we think we are seeing although it may not be that way at all. Again you can manipulate the look of the manifestation through visualization. There are no demons just negative energies and emotions that were visualized into existence through belief. Just as they were brought out by the mind, they can be taken away by the mind. If he isn't really bothering anyone, no harm no foul just let it go and co-exist. If your friend is truly afraid, she should address him out loud and tell him it is not appropriate to stand at her door at night as she is trying to sleep. <br />
Just be sure to protect yourself first and don't go into territories you aren't sure of.