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I feel every emotion and feeling from people and places. Its something that in the last couple of months has become intense. ill wake up in the middle of the night, praying that i don't see what I could see if I was more open to this. I want to, but i'm so scared, how do I get over this fear and learn to seperate my emotions?

marie29moon marie29moon
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

If you are pickng up on and absorbing everything around you, chances are your solar plexus is spinning really far out from your body and grabbing at everything it can touch. Your solar plexus is what allows you to read peoples emotions and thoughs, gauge the feeling of a room of space, and intuitively 'know' things. I have this same issue, and have been taught to use the visualisation of a 'golden plate'. When you start to feel overwhelmed with what you are experiencing, visualise and say in your mind "golden plate' and visualise a thick golden plate being placed over your upper abdomen, around your diaphram. This ensures that nothing can get in, and protects you... as it can very overwhelming at times to feel everything!<br />
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As for the fear, try to do some automatic writing... try to figure out what it is your afraid of? Write it out... use affirmations that all is well, you are protected and well, that nothign can harm you. And if you are still in fear, then I would suggest going to a spiritual healer and having them lift the energy from some fears go way back, and you can't access them just through re-programming your own thoughts. But a healer can do that for you... and lift off past life fears etc.<br />
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best of luck on your journey!