I Know When And How People Are Going To Die Sometimes

I just get suddenly overcome by a feeling or belief that a certain person, usually a friend, will die some horrible way and it scares the hell out of me. I know from experience that I can't change the future, which I realize now is the very definition of future. Its kind of like the movie Premonition with Sandra Bullock. I tried once with an ex-boyfriend who died in an accident. I spent over 10 years having the odd psychic attack that would leave me phoning him and pleading with him not to drive for the entire year he was 26 because I knew without a doubt he would die. I would even give him signs to watch out for stuff like he would see me wearing a grey suit a few days before he died, just weird random things like that and they all happened. He did die in an accident, but he was 25. It was like I was not meant to try to stop it.  My heart broke that day.
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I am so deeply sorry to hear about your loss.<br />
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I also experience the same feelings and beliefs as you about my family and friends. It also scares the hell out of me. I have predicted a lot of people's untimely deaths and have NEVER been wrong. Also if I have the same dream about someone dying 3 times they always have and always in the way that I dreamt that they would die.<br />
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I am psychic but it scares me so much that I don't talk about it with many people. <br />
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Love Rainbow.x