Another Story From Me.

So I went to visit a friend of mine yesterday. He moved house a few weeks ago, and although I hadn't given it much thought, I haven't seen him since he moved. Usually I visit him every week or so, it's been about six weeks.

I arrived at their new house, drove in the drive and parked at the front and just sat in the car. I was just fooling around with some things in my bag, but without realising it, now that I'd finally got to my friend's new house, I was avoiding going inside. Eventually he came out and we stood outside for a moment saying hello and commenting on the gardens before we went inside.

As we walked up the stairs, I felt uneasy, and for the first time I was aware of this uneasiness, this unwillingness to go inside. The closer I got to the door, the more intense the compulsion was to just turn around and leave. I didn't say anything, because even though I get these impressions quite strongly sometimes, I also know it's considered crazy to talk about them. So I don't, mostly.

Anyway, after a little while, my friend was explaining what he'd like to do with the new house, how he wanted to set up the rooms, where he would put his music studio and DJ equipment, that sort of thing, and I said "You need to give the place a clean, too." and he said "yeah, it's pretty dusty, I've done the windows upstairs already," but I said "No, I mean clean out the energy, move the old residents along."

He looked at me quite strangely and said "yeah, there's been some things going on here at night, noises and such." I said "like what" and he said "footsteps, up and down the hallway, like someone's walking down the hall from the bedrooms to the kitchen, but if you go and look, it stops and there's no one there." As he said that, I felt a presence. His wife said "One night it got really loud, when Gary's wasn't here, it starts out like footsteps and ended up sounding like someone's tearing the house down." One of their daughters was downstairs at the time, beneath the hallway the footsteps come from. She refuses to stay at the house because of that night and the noises she heard, and has moved out to live with her boyfriend.

I actually believe this isn't just a harmless ghost. I have nothing but my intuition to go on, but I feel like this is an elemental presence, not human. I don't like to use the word "demonic" but if the shoe fits...

In any case, I have prepared two Taoist chants, The Praise to the Three Pure Spirits and The Invocation of the Golden Light, with the intention of restoring the natural energetic flow to the property and releasing the elemental energies trapped in the building. I'm encouraged once again to have sensed that there was something going on, and to have spoken out about it before anyone gave any indication of their being anything weird going on in that house. That tells me my intuitive senses are still strong and accurate. I already knew that, but it's nice to have these things confirmed.
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This is freaky.......i have the shivers up my back now!!

This is freaky.......i have the shivers up my back now!!