Do You Understand What It Is Being Communicated To You?

I have spent my whole life 'seeing', 'hearing'...playing with many means of divination to the point i created my own. I am in a continuous communication with so many layers, dimensions and beings...i have become exhausted within it. Constantly trying to distinguish who is talking, what's the message...the meaning of the messages, why i am being shown this or that. I want to better understand my communications and their purpose...i use art as a means to show others what i see and try opening to people within discussions...but still find myself so over~whelmed with all i experience. Does any body else feel like this? you have any techniques you may use to help reduce chatter and or maintain clearer communications?
36-40, F
2 Responses May 11, 2012

First of all, stop using medicine show prompts such as "Do You Understand This?" Which is a dead giveaway of Mentalism, the parlor trick utilized by huxters such as John Edwards and Theresa Caputo... I'm a clairvoyant from a long line of clairvoyants, and we don't use "hit or miss" tactics such as PROMPTING a subject for positive or negative hits. Clairvoyance is what it is, and you don't PROMPT your subjects, okay?

I use the white light technique and basically make a sheild around my entire body

ohh i do like that one too...thank~you for the reminder of how simple it really is to diminish confusion...

you're welcome ^_^