I Need Help From A Psychic... Really!

I have a 6th sense but I am still learning how to control it and take the truth from thoughts...

I need help from a real psychic... I have a question. Can you tell me the answer online? Please message me :)
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I teach how to decipher a guess from an intuitive knowing.
I made it up but it works great. Role up a ball of paper and sit in front of the waste paper basket. Now hold up the ball and upon the release say out load got it or missed it. Looking at the basket is pointless, you need to close your eyes after you set your aim. Only after you release the paper from your hand not before do you decide its outcome. Every time you get it right you will feel wow I knew that or Oh I guessed. The more practice you put in the more in tune to YOU you become. The best part about my lesson is, there is no right or wrong, just trust. If you miss and called miss you were right, so I removed the EGO from the equation. Ego is what keeps us from truly knowing if we are gifted or gifted guessers. Truth is, we are all gifted and the fact that you are exploring your true source connection, you will be brilliant in time, spread the word, your gift is to be shared and light working has to accompany you... hugs love and light Namamste

Yes in fact I'll do it now practice will help. Start small like what someone will say next or what they're thinking of and go from there

Im in the same boat too can someone help me?

Sure I can over im