I'm not sure if this even counts as Physic, but I can change the eye color of my one friend who is barely clairvoyant. Primary colors are the easiest, while secondaries are harder. Today, I tried green on him but he said it came out a super light blue. ._. But, atleast I changed it. Another thing is deja vu, which doesn't occur to me too often. When it does, it's like the same scene from last time. I don't remember the first time that it occurred, but I just get this shudder that I've definitely seen it before. For example, I have played a game called "Minecraft" for 2 years now, and around April I had seen something happen just like some other time. The setting was the same, I was sure. The people were not... but, it really shook me up. It had happened 2 times before, and that was the third.

Another thing that scares me daily is something in my closet. I'm even scared to write about it. But, I'll do it, thinking that someone will come to help me out of my situation. So, it always feels like there's some "bad" spirit in my closet. It feels like he wants to devour me. I am not joking. My closet is like a barrier, but there is a crack in it (like every closet), and it shakes me up every time I look at it. It's not like a dent or anything, just an ordinary crack between the two doors of the closet (you know what I mean). I believe it's male... maybe around 40, not buff or anything, just ordinary. I mean, kinda skinny, but ordinary... and nerve racking. Anyways, there is my story.
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I have something similar, there is something that follows me but its passive aggressive. I can tell its very strong but it doesn't like to make its self know. I can feel it always but one time it's presence was over whelming and I can tell it was saying I'm here. If you're "spirit" is taking on a human presence that could mean 2 things it is a meaning an omen of a sense someone trying to tell u something but you said devour that sounds like a demon. Let me give you advice I don't believe in ghosts, I believe that human spirits can contact you but they don't come back down. Demons on the other hand like to take the form of ghosts to seem less if a threat but it is a trick. If this is a demon find that source of feeling that is inside you, you know the inner strength of God or something, and use it against him push him out let the feeling surround u like a barrier.
Hope it helps 😬
Angels too (Rafael, Uriel, Michael, Gabriel) names have power