I Am Puerto Rican

I am proud to be a Boricua i have no shame in it i am mixed with Black,Native American Indian,Puerto Rican pepole tell me no that i am just Black i think they are just mad because they can not be mixed with such a beauiful clture me and my family were raised on Latin clture we embrace our clutures and are very proud of who we are. but I am just so mad right now because in Oklahoma were i live they are trying to make all Latinos and Mexicans leave because they do not want them here i think it is very raceist and i plan on join the next event to stop this bill from going in to law it is also a bill that says If you are here that you have to speak Ingles y no Esponal esa es muy stupido cero que si pero personas aqui en okc need help with this you can even be charged with a ticket for speaking Esponal i say I am proud of who i am and they can not stop the ture pride of any Latino and this bill only is for People that are of Latino and Mexican lets put it this way if you are Spanish of any kind and live in Okc some do not even want to see you it is time for this bill to Die right now.

This bill was only set for People of Spanish Desent this is so missed up.


Pallavi Pallavi
22-25, F
5 Responses Dec 12, 2007

Puerto Rican Pride in the house!

Lo siento!

To all the girls who say people confuse your heritage. YOU ARE PUERTO RICAN -PERIOD.

I know how you feel.When I was in school I got crap like that alot!THey were like you aren't japanese,filipino,german,puerto rican and cheroke.Your black!THat pissed me off because I like to embrace everything that I am part of.I like to be known for everything thing I'm part of!

i know how you feel in a sense. most people consider me black, but im half puerto rican, and part cuban and native american, its annoying when people find it odd that i speak spanish, because both of my parent are hispanic.