And What Does A Puerto Rican Look Like?

I am half Puerto Rican from my father's side. My mom is Italian and Irish. I came out with lighter skin than my mom, light hair, and light eyes, but I look like my father and abuela, (you can say I am a "white version" of them). It never ceases to amaze me that some ignorant person will say, "but you don't look Puerto Rican". It bothers me so much.
I love busting out in Spanish and someone gives me the eye. "Oh, you speak Spanish? Yeah, I am Puerto Rican. You would never guess." Well, now you know...
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Italian and Puerto Rican. I have the same dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, but the only people who can really tell are other Hispanics. I know an Italian-Saipanese dude who will pull me over and go, "No, see, I'm not Puerto Rican, SHE'S Puerto Rican." One of the worst responses that I've gotten back was, "Well, she doesn't look it, but she's prettier than a Mexican, so I guess that's good."

What does that even MEAN!?

Well im black n italian n im light skinned n everybody says im puerto rican or tht I look puerto rican cause of my hair n ma features. Ma dad speaks spanish everybody says he looks puerto rican 2. He prob is I just never really cared 2 ask.

Im puerto rican and mexican n i have sooo much pride in my cultures, espically being puerto rican cuz i go to puerto rico to visit some of my family(: its beautiful theree n i loveee it <3 my last name is De Jesus(:

Hell yeah Puerto Rican pride<3 I'm Puerto Rican,Mexican,Spanish,Filipino,and Chinese but of course my Latino blood is very strong! I'm 90% Hispanic:)

I am proud to be a Puerto Rican! of italian heritage here!!!!!!!!!!! Valentin my last name.

Feel free to share it :D Enlighten the world this this "new" discovery! Puerto Rico is one of the biggest cultural melting-pots in the world. In my family alone I have ginger haired, freckled, green eyed people who look like they came directly from Ireland, to the dark skinned, brown eyed trigue~os/as we are known for. The misconception of the typical Puerto Rican as a JLo lookalike ****** me off! Puerto Rican is not a race that can be classified with physical traits, its a nationality.

I agree. It still annoys me. So I am not a caramel skin latina, but I know my heritage and where I come from. :)

I'm Puerto Rican, born and raised, and still living on the Island. For the people who think all Puerto RIcans look like Jennifer Lopez, here's a little history lesson. The spark note version, given that our history is so rich ;)<br />
Like in the homeland of our colonizers, Puerto Rico was originally inhabited by the noble aboriginal people, the Taino (in the case of the US, the Native American). Then came Christopher Columbus, and discovered a land that was already filled with people. Since that time, we have a holiday dedicated to him, in commemoration to the quick extinction of our ancestors. That's how the Spanish came in to the picture, later on bringing the Africans as slave workers, since the Taino manpower was running short. And this is what they teach us at school. We are a mixture of aboriginal, European and African cultures. And they pretty much leave it at that. It makes sense to believe that that's all there is because our food, our vocabulary and even our customs are heavily influence by those 3 races. But that doesn't explain why in Fajardo we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or why we have a theater called El Teatro Frances, or the French theater in the town of Mayaguez.<br />
<br />
Long story short, Royal Decree of Graces of 1815. Puerto Rico received a large wave of immigration from the French, Irish, Jewish, German, Chinese. I could probably trace my ancestry back to France and Spain. But the truth of the matter is, I am Puerto Rican. And I couldn't care less if according to American ba<x>sed stereotypes, I look it or not.

I like this soooo much Im so re pasting on fb. People tend to think all puerto rican are supposed to be trigueños. Even thou Im not blonde light colored eyes people still think Im so other race, mostly confused with American. Really? My brother is light skin green eyes.... And yet we dont look like Puerto Ricans. I have some mixed race and I could probably trace back to Venezuela and france as well. I loved this!!

My father is originally from mayaguez and have family still there im from Colorado so not too many puerto Ricans here... we have french in us my father says and our last name is french my father is dark skin with light hair and bluish green eyes and I came out olive skinned with auburn hair and green eyes so I believe the french descent and Irish descent is strong but not known in puerto Rico that explains the holidays there

im also 100% Puerto Rican. My dad has light skin and was born on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. My mom was born in Pennsylvania and she has very dark skin. I was born and am raised in New Jersey. My parents are very proud of themselves that they were able2 move out of the dangerous city and into the safe suburbs. I'm thankfull to be living in a nice house and in the best school system in New Jersey but most of the population of my town is italian. All obsessed with Jersey Shore and being guito. Let me just say that i have darkish skin but i don't look mexican at all. I have a lot of friends but people ALWAYS call me a mexican and tell me2 mow their lawn. If not, they call me black. And lately i've been getting Indian. anyway, people call me names and sometimes it hurts. I'm very proud of my heritage and i don't like to be mistaken4 another nationality and have people say "u dont look Puerto Rican." i wish i could speak spanish and i always try my hardest2 understand when my family speaks it but it's very hard when you live in a town like mine, where I'm all alone

From black to taino to white and everything in between.

I know; I feel the same way. I am 100% Puerto Rican, but I am so light-skinned, and speak English so fluently that no one could ever know unless I told them. And when I DO speak Spanish, people just assume I MEXICAN!!! D:< Man, I hate that!