I am possibly the whitest Puerto Rican you will ever meet!! My family lives in San Juan, but I live in the US for many years now..I don't know spanish too well, but My family does share their traditions with me and the culture I haven't been to Puerto Rico in a long time, but I look forward to going back soon!!! Gonna eat me some mangos and plantanos and those thingys...uh forgot what they're called it's like these little balls and you suck on them they tase good!! lol
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well, if your the whitest then I am the blackest... Am even half white and I am blacker then my dad, how that happen. am guessing gentics or my mom cheated. Lol then when I had my own child he came out white again gentics, I guess you can never tell when it comes to being Puerto Rican.

Kenepas are so good! I could get them in jersey but they are not the same.

The little balls? Kenepas! Those are the best! Also, I am probably even whiter than you (blue eyes, pale skin, perfect English, etc.) and also Puerto Rican lol- was born in San Juan, lived in Bayamon until I was 10 yrs old and my parents moved my sister and I to Miami, FL. I now live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and although I have not been back to PR in a decade or so, I long for the next chance I get to visit my homeland. Isn't it funny when you tell people where you are from and they absolutely do not believe you?? Glad that there are others out there like myself ;)

I think I got you beat. I get mistaken for Italian, Chinese & whatever else people want to think but I am 100% P.R. My great grandfather was from Spain & France but both my parents were born in P.R. only to come to the states. They spoke only spanish & had to learn english when they arrived but they both studied here & got degrees here. I too only speak a little spanish & have only been to P.R. a handful of times but since my mom lives in ny & my dad lives in mia I learned a lot of spanish from growing up with them both because there are a lot of cubans in miami. By the way those little fruits are called Kenepas. You could practically live off the land in P.R. that's what I love about it over there. My grandmother on my fathers side still lives there & I can't wait to visit her again. She's still the queen of her neighborhood but my dad often flies over there to help her and fix things around her house because she refuses to move back to the states after my grandfather died.