I Have a Question ... Please Read and Answer

SO this isnt really a story i have a question for all the members . . . my mother is half cuban and the other half isafrican american and NA, my dad is full blooded puerto rican. 

making me 1/4 cuban, 1/2puerto rican and 1/4 black/ NA.  should i consider myself black or hispanic and does that give me a right to say i am pr. i mean for the most part I look black with the exception that i have a better grade of hair then most african americans and gets longer than most.

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I said you're black. I am so rude & I didn't read the story close enough. Puerto Ricans & Cubans are two branches from the same tree. They are Black, European & Taino Indian. You can say we're kissing cousins. I would say that since your dad is completly Puerto Rican; you're more Puerto Rican than anything else. Eres Boricua!

well your mostly hispanic. But claim what you are proud of! I rep being boricua ALL DAY and even tho people hate on it, i couldnt be happier!

the NA stands for native american by the way. and i just wanted to thank you guys for takeing the time to reply to me unlike the other 16 people who read my question

Its all up to you and how you feel Im only half PR but when people ask me "what are you " I tell them 50% PR 50% Guatemalan just say what makes you feel comfortable go down the list like I do if you want lol its your choice =]

I'd say that's up for you to decide. I'm tech only half Puerto Rican, but that's what I classify myself as. It doesn't matter what you look like. Some of my relatives are white as snow and their full blooded puerto rican. It's all about what you feel defines you the most. That's what I would say.