So today, even tho it was only our first day I had to be punished :( out of all days my work place decides to send a review on how I've been working so far and because I'm a student, they sent it home, well ray got hold of it... I done okay but my 'causes of concern' were my punctuality and commitment...

Ray and I agreed that because I would get my first maintenance spanking today he wouldn't spank me for my review but give me another punishment and also because of how many time his spanked me for punctuality before we entered a relationship I would get something slightly different. He told me to go into the kitchen and drink 8 cups of water and then go upstairs and face the corner in the bedroom, while I was up there I could here a lot of movement downstairs and I became a little desperate for the toilet,( i was there for 30 mins) my corner time position always involves me having my legs spread apart making me even more desperate.

Ray called me down stairs and when I entered the living room he told me to ***** naked ( he has the windows and blinds shut) he then asked me if I needed the bathroom and when I said yes he just smirked, he asked me to get into a squatting position and waddle to the centre of the room, you can imagine how that helped me hold my pee (lol jke) he then had me lie down flat I the floor and then he got toothpaste and rubbed it on my nipples , he gave a generous amount on each, then he proceeded to rub it all over my ***** (the **** ect), my cleanly shaven ***** lips and my bum hole. I was made to cross my legs together and to not make a sound. I lie on my back, experiencing the sensation of the toothpaste all over my sensitive areas. i become aware of all the different sensations I am feeling. My nipples are stinging slightly, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I feel sort of a warm feeling in them. My ******* is alternating between cold and hot, clenching involuntarily every now and then, which increases the feeling! My **** is a different story altogether ! It feels as if it is on fire! I feel a combination of a stinging and burning sensation, which subsides after a while, making way for an incredibly hot feeling, almost like someone breathing hot air directly onto it. I sense that my **** is fully erect, totally exposed as it has crept out of its hood completely. I was holding on to my pee for dear life it was a painful experience!

I feel the urge to wipe off the toothpaste on my **** but I couldn't I just had to wait it out. The warm feeling in my **** got more intense….much more intense, and it was fired on by the toothpaste up my ***! I glance at the timer….only 5 minutes had gone by – impossible!?

I clamped my legs together to relieve the sensation of the toothpaste on my ****, but it doesn’t help at all. My nipples are now totally erect and rock-hard , aching to be touched.

I had go remain like this for 30 mins, not making a sound, trying not to move and also holding on to my desperate bladder!! At the bed of the 30 mins all the paste was wiped off and I was allowed to relieve my bladder in our garden in the litter bowl, I had to squat over there, we agreed that every time I let some pee out on my journey there three extra spanks will be added onto my maintenance spanking, I let out 8 drops so that's another 24 spanks added to my spanking before bed...

I Love You Ray, Sorry For Making You Punish Me, You Won't Have To Remind Me About Punctuality Again <3
MaRAY123 MaRAY123
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2014