Frozen Assets

Last weekend the weather here became freezing cold, below zero all night and all day. My wife drives to work, quite a long commute on the motorway, and on the Sunday afternoon she mentioned that her washers had run out of screenwash and told me to top it up for her.
Well, we were so busy doing stuff that I completely forgot to do it. During Monday I remembered, but, of course, by then it was then too late.

When she got home Monday evening it was already dark and well below freezing, so I'd got the house really warm, lit a big log fire, and poured her a drink as soon as she walked in.

My dominant wife accepted her drink and took a good mouthful, before asking me why I was dressed (I'm not permitted to wear clothes in the house). I admitted that I had failed to do her washers and thought I would do it as soon as she arrived.

"I see" she replied "take your clothes off, then put your shoes back on"

I did as I was told, having a nasty premonition of where this was going.

"Now do the washers"

"Yes my love"

Out into the freezing cold I ran, and set about adding the liquid as quickly as possible. I did it all in about five minutes flat, shut the bonnet and went to enter the house. The door wouldn't open, she had locked me out! I then heard a clunk behind me and realised that she had locked the car with the remote. The shed was also locked, so I had no choice but to stand outside in the freezing cold, naked except for my shoes.

Our house is well hidden behind trees and a fence, so no-one would see me, but then no-one else would be stupid enough to be out on such a cold night.

I got colder and colder, I was shivering uncontrollably, I jumped up and down to keep warm.

Eventually she opened the door, so I moved towards it, but she stopped me in my tracks.

"Take your shoes off and hand them to me"

As I obeyed her I noticed that she was all dressed up in a thick coat, a scarf, a hat, ear muffs, gloves and boots. Strange, was she going out? She put my shoes on the floor, picked up a cane from the hall table, and a couple of other items I couldn't really see, then she walked out of the door, shutting it behind her.

"Follow me" she instructed, striding off around to the back of the house. We got to a part of the garden separated off by a picket fence. She made me stand right up to it, and then she went to the other side of the fence, so she was facing me. She moved me so my genitals were poking through one of the gaps in the fence, then hancuffed each of my wrists to a spar, so my arms were spread out either side of me, then she grabbed my **** in it's cage, fed some cord through the end of the cage, then tied the other end to a spar running across at about chest height. She pulled on the rope so I was raised onto tip toes to avoid having by balls pulled off.

"Right" she said, smiling slightly "now we can have some fun"

I lost sight of her then as she went behind my back, I heard a whistle, and then felt a very sharp pain on both of my bum cheeks. She has caned me on many occassions before, but I never get used to it, the pain is always more than I remember, I always end up crying and begging. This time was no different. After about ten minutes she paused.

"I've been doing arm exercises at the gym, to improve my stroke, can you tell?"

"Yes, please, I'm begging you, stop now"

"Don't be silly, I'm only just getting warmed up. I think we'll have another twenty minutes of this, and then we'll play another game"

"Oh God no!"

"Shut up or I'll leave you out here all night"

She resumed the caning. It felt like another hour, rather than twenty minutes, and as I couldn't see my watch, I had no way of knowing. Eventually she stopped.

"That was fun, I really got quite warm caning your backside, and a little wet between my legs too"

"Now, let's play a game that isn't so energetic, but should be fun"

Next she went round in front of me, backed off a few feet, then picked up a fairly hefty stone.

"This game is called 'hit the balls' and it finishes when I've scored a direct hit on your balls twenty five times"

With that comment ringing in my ears she threw her first stone. It missed but hit the fence with a loud bang. The next one missed as well, but the third hit my right ball square on. It was agony, unbelievable pain, and as I screamed in agongy my wife shouted "Yes, a direct hit! That's one, twenty four to go"

My wife had a lovely time throwing stones at my balls, but by the end I was totally out of it, I was crying and begging, I threw up at one point as she scored a direct hit with half a house brick. I must have passed out, because I came round with a bucket load of cold water cascading off me. She had obviously filled it with icy water and thrown it over me to bring me round.

"You passed out, and I've got five more hits to go!" she sounded indignant "now be a man and let me finish the game"

Somehow I got through the final five, and waited to be released.

"You can stay there for half an hour while I finish watching my fashion programme"

"But I'm soaking wet, and it's below freezing" I begged

"Don't be cheeky, I warned you before, I won't give you another chance"

So I kept quiet and hoped I could stand another half hour of the cold.

By the time she came out to get me I couldn't feel my fingers or feet, and my penis was so small it almost retracted out of it's cage.

"I've got another programme to watch, so you can put your tongue to work between my legs for an hour"

"Hopefully you've learned your lesson"

"Yes my love"

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I don't know what to say. Punished by your wife? Tortured is more like it. I mean, i am punished by my wife, also, and even plan to put in a story at this experience group, but mine is going to sound like my wife is punishing me by throwing Hostess Twinkies at my buttocks, while i am wearing flannel long johns, canvas pants and a down coat that comes to my knees. You wife should seriously consider becoming a professional dominatrix. She has got the mindset, that's for sure. And think of the money she could make in her spare time for nothing more than treating rich men just like she treats you! Of course you won't see any of the money, but you may score points with her if she becomes independently wealthy from what she has learned by being your wife and very able-bodied mistress.