when i start to love someone,i slowly push them away so they dont hurt me.Ive been hurt so much in the past by guys that told me they loved me,i dont trust guys that much anymore.I hav the worst trust issues possible,il never get over my past relationships.thats why now when im in one,i dont let myself become attached to the guy and when im startin to i push them away and make them hate me,so i dont get hurt again,Is that so wrong?Ive loved alot of guys but ive always got hurt by each and every1 of them.,Theres one guy that i love to death and hes never hurt me but me and him arent meant to be hes my bestfriend and has a crazy life that he doesnt want me to get involved with right now.i kno il never push him away but for the other sorry
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Let yourself fall in love, its okay. Ive been hurt by all my exs. Always said ill never fall in love and I recently fell in love & now im engaged

aww congrats...and i fell in love too im engaged and have a baby on the way