You Wanna Get High With Me

you reassure, me to just chill
give the blunt a puff n a blow
talk about deep stuff, sh1t other people dont know
but see i had to postpone
didnt call you back to your phone
cuz im thinkin that all you wanna is to bone
you got no clue that in reality im all alone
in this world, since i was a 3 year old
when hands tried to poke in my hole
i find myself so vulnerable
i feel thats wat makes you feel like your able,
to get away with more than just cuddling
maybe you see that im struggling
and your huggin is like an oasis
i havent found sufficient love in other places

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I am taking my ipad and going to do a bowl, join me?


Yea *my mom* she's really ill right now, came down with a virus I recovered from last week, so I'm taking care of her. ~ yea in her childhood she went through a lot of physical, mental and notional abuse from her father, as well as sexual abuse from other men as a child and teen. She always moved around and had to support her family. Her parents divorced, so she had to help her mom, working since she was twelve. Same for my uncle and aunt.

damn... all that just for smokin a lil weed with somebody?? O.o
n you inherited it?

Lol not the weed, her father, my grandfather was an addict of every drug and to alcohol (really bad for native Americans, it affects us differently) which lead to her horrible childhood. But no she never smoked weed, neither have I, she hates drugs for what it did to her father and I hate it out of respect for her and what it has done to other people. And she is sick because of a virus going around a lot of ppl have been getting sick.

ohh i seee. wow i didnt know this **** was so deep it made yu think about ALL THAT..
oh you part Native American? n why is it worse for ya'll?

The Ojibwa were addicted to it like crack, very strong. Weed kills your ambition Ive seen this too often personally I also found what a doctor posted online about weeds affect on ambition:

Marijuana has a chemical in it called tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. A lot of other chemicals are found in marijuana, too—about 400 of them, some of which are carcinogenic.

Pot affects a user’s judgment, motor coordination, and short-term memory. Weed can cause increased heart rate and make some users extremely anxious or paranoid. Smoking marijuana regularly also causes some changes in the brain similar to those caused by long-term use of cocaine and heroin.

Research found that students with an average grade of “D” or below were more than four times as likely to have used marijuana in the past year as students who reported an average grade of “A.” Students who have smoked marijuana within the past year are more than twice as likely to have cut class than those who did not smoke.
Regular marijuana users often have shortened attention spans, decreased energy and ambition, poor judgment and impaired ability to communicate and relate to others. Young people who use marijuana weekly have double the risk of depression later in life.

I have nothing against people sparking the occasional blunt, but just like alcohol, if you have an addictive nature you can make it your daily regimen and it will rule your life. So YES, I feel it can kill ambition. Everything in moderacy.

There's a condition called "Marijuana Amotivational Syndrome" I've pasted the link below:

damn... you shoo did your research lol.
well, i know too much of anything is bad... but all these symthoms of weed... i have those naturally.. i am just naturally depressed... but yeah i see wat you sayin... an occassional blunt wont hurt... its like with liquor... then again i dont believe in that "research" "statistic" **** bcuz its not like they know how EVERY PERSON'S mind functions.. wat i do know is that doing that around the wrong ppl, they gonna make you do some crazy sh1t...
well, this **** is real... i like this guy thats a real good friend, down to earth, n funny,, he like me too n he keeps wanting to kick it with me, i do too, but due to my experiences i been thru, i got these paranoid trust issues... cuz i been betrayed by my own male family members. so thats where i got that "world is against me' mentallity cuz everytime i let my guard down... that person turns into a sick monster... well yeah, anyway, this guy is real but the only thing is he's startin to smoke everyday... he already got anger issues but he seems so mellow wen hes high... now that he gettin close to me, n i let em know he can feel free to tell me about anything.. i dont even gotta tell em that. he just started tlkin to me. he be tellin me about these stupidass girls n i really dont understand the girls of my generation.. they act so fuckinn stupid... guess he saw sum different in me.. but yeah im just gon be there for him just like he cheer me up wen i be lookin down.

That's good he sounds like he has some serious personal issues and it's good your their for him, honestly my issue with drugs isn't that they may be bad or good cuz like you said everybody is different it's just I like being sober so I can't be taking advantage of. And I know what it's like to be betrayed and disbanded by those you've called friends and family.

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Very deep and personal, I heard a very similar story from someone very close to me recently.

thanks.. yknow thats how i do... n forreal? tell me about that person close to you? is she okay?