Do Not Fall For Me

Looking back on my life, I have pushed away EVERY single relationship whether it be good or bad.... I have even pushed away family members and friends... I have been married twice, currently going through a divorce now. I have family on each ends of the USA and 1000 miles apart and have had two people that loved me follow me 1000 miles to beg me to stay.... Now I have two friends whom I see everyonce in a while, who know about my condition, and love us for who we are, but I feel like they just feel sorry for me... I want love, and a regular life!
PandoraLucyandothers PandoraLucyandothers
26-30, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

I want love and a regular life too. I'm starting to understand that it takes letting go, and stopping the use of the same patterns.

But HOW do we do that? No idea.

I had a gf until recently that is suffering with borderline personality disorder and bipolar. She fears intimacy so much that she pushes everyone that has loved her away, even her teenage daughters. I fear that she will never know love of a mate as it is to painful to confront her illness and so easy to blame the ones who love her for not understanding her. She is in a world of denial and i don't see her ever coming out of it.:(