I Am Putting Myself Up For Adoption

Hi, my name's Louise and I want to put myself up for adoption.
My family and I don't get along, we argue daily. I feel no love, support or compassion within my household, I am treated like dirt, especially because I'm the only daughter in my family. Boys tend to be treated better in my culture as they are seen to be more special or worthy of special treatment because "apparently" they are more likely to succeed in life than us girls. I am constantly accused of doing what is wrong, when I am continuously trying my best to exceed my families expectations and do what's right for me and most beneficial for my future. Yet, none of them see that. This is why I must leave. I can't take it anymore.
louise97 louise97
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Did it work out? It's the exact same with me on holidays at the moment and being treated like **** even though I've been nothing but nice to my little sister I'd do anything to get away from my parents

We have the same story maybe we can go some where together? I feel the same way only u have 3 sister but they still treat me like dirt