Cute and Cuddly

Just a big, old, teddy bear. I'm housebroken, i don't bark or bite and i fall asleep early. I can stand on two feet and dance, i can lay down and roll over, can sit and stay when told too. Love to have my fur brushed and to cuddle. I'm great with kids and love to take long walks in the park. Will beg for treats even if i don't deserve them. Adopt me and you will have a friend for life, or at least until i die and you bury me in the backyard. I probably will make great fertilizer because i have been told that i am full of sh*t. But, then again, you will have the greenest yard in the neighborhood. lol

Goodguy09 Goodguy09
61-65, M
26 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Poor Goodguy i will take you out to play a nice game of frisbee * tosses frisbee at Goodguy*

No takers yet. All you ladies, all talk and no action. Meanwhile here at the kennel all i do is lay around, bored and unhappy 'cause no one wants me(sniff,sniff).

I don't know if you ever got adopted but I'll take ya. You can be a watch dog..gotta have a big bark and a better bite! Actually I should adopt ME out..Owls are interesting pets.. :>)

LOL Here she comes with duct tape run ... She did that to me once :)

Hubba Hubba... okay I've got the duct tape!

Very funny......i like that

You are going to need more than a revolving door<<br />
<br />
Want any help taking some of the ladies off your hands?

Big Love *shaking head* :)

No, no ladies....This is Big Love all over again! This could work!<br />
<br />
***Aftermath looks out the window and sees a mass migration to the state of Utah****

WOW way out of hand here and lots of moving around for the poor guy. Okay he's gonna buy a house and we'll all come and go on our days to keep watch. Like a Jon and kate kinda thing... kid gets the house and parents go back and forth.

I am so flattered, i must get a dip and a clip before i attend to all you beautiful ladies. The guy, forget it, homey don't play that way.

This must be my lucky day, so many women, so little time. Ahh hell, who am i kidding, i would be dead after the first weekend. But, what a beautiful way to go.

Mate, I thought you were describing yourself!<br />
<br />
I was going to are ripe for have all the moves

St. Patty's Day should be interesting....Hidden eggs that is cute!!!!

LOL lucky guy GG...I'm still hoping for Halloween but will take Columbus Day!<br />
Pedro thanks for sharing :D

Wine coolers, beer and nachos, i'm very talented.

Pedro I'm in. I'm sure he can learn to retrieve the wine cooler...h**l I can get them! LOL

I second that motion!

I am only available Mon. thru Sunday, other than that, i'm busy. Don't worry the kennel is open 24/7

Cute, cute story LOL<br />
You know I saw on TV this dog that could retrieve a beer can from the refrigerator and bring it to his if you can do that with a wine cooler, I'd like to get in line after these ladies...I'll take Halloween!

oooh ... well ... the kitty wants you TOO .. now how do we arrange that sharing?

Okay we need a schedule here ladies! I need to run but be back later and expect this to be in writing and adoption papers ready to sign!

Sharing the weekends is fine with me. woof, woof

Can you fetch ? :0

every other weekend and I get New Year's!!

Okay I'm so tickled with this story! Too cute!!