I am a bi male I have str8 and gay friends but I find my gay friends a lot friendlier and more relaxed
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Understand completely I have noticed the same thing

I feel like queers flock together because we inherently understand what each other go through every day in order to maintain/acquire love. I'm gay and I often feel a huge disconnect from straight people and I feel like it's because there's an underlying understanding that all of us are willing to die for love because we prove it every day by being Out. And from what I've heard from straight people, they aren't willing to die for the person until they're 100% madly in love with them, so maybe that's where the disconnect comes from? Any thoughts?

I always identified better with bi-guys than the gays. There was a difference in attitude & personality types.

It's probably because they are very open about it and have less to worry about others finding out