THE Girl Gotta Girlfriend..pls comment..updated

T o make a long story short...theres this girl at my job.... she was the 1st sexy female that I saw on my 1st day at work. I never said anything to her cuz everytime we walk past each other we're both on the phone n plus I dont get to see her that often cuz we work different shifts. Well anyways I came across her myspace profile the other day and discovered that she is gay and she has a girlfriend. She also hosts these gay parties every Sunday at this local bar in Wilmington that everyone goes to with her girlfriend. So I requested her as a friend and she accepted it the next day leaving me her flyer to the party last sunday on my comments. Since then I find myself fantasizing and going to her profile at least 3 -5 times a day. She is gorgeous....perfect height. She is definitely my dream girl physically. To make it even better she's 25. I love older females because most of them not all are on my maturity level. Anyways I'm so disappointed because she in a relationship already. We talked a couple times through messages on myspace and I try to keep it friendly without flirting with her but it so hard not to considering that she seems so sweet and is so pretty. She asked me to come out to her party tomorrow and im a little skeptical because i dont like to go out alone but she says she will be there so i wont be alone... but her gf will be there to so that wont be alot of fun. I no its wrong to pursue a girl that has someone but there's something about her. Her eyes are so seductive and dreamy. I can just imagine myself running my fingers through her hair........



Tonight I will be going to the bar so I can kiss the party is called Kiss Gurls Productions.. Delaware is so small and filled with girls who claim to be gay for the most part so I know it will be packed in there...gotta get there a lil early. I cant wait to see my crush 2nite...I know she will be there wit her sexy a$$. Best believe I will be looking my best and will be nice n tipsy so if I do anything dumb I can blame it on the liquor and laugh about it My plan is to at least grind ma a$$ on her 2nite n give her a lil taste. If I do I know her girl will be in the club watching out the corner of her eye. Ima keep it cute though. Im not gonna start no mess...just wanna get a little taste of sweet ol Jazz...thats her name. Looks like Ill be going to the club by myself I gotta look extra good since Im rolling alone which I dont do to often. I know Ill definitely see some chics I already know so I wont be alone for to long. Wish my bestfriend was coming with me but she is M.I.A. n has been for a couple of weeks now......n I already know what that ppl...stay tuned cuz I will be returning with the aftermath of tonight's events......its going down



Ok last night was so ****!n hot.... I saw ma boo n at first I aint pay her no mind....I had ma shades on last night and she couldnt tell I was lookin at her. I was on the dance floor and I saw her out the corner of my eye when she came up behind me n I was dancing so I aint turn around.... She was really close to me so I got hype a lil bit and I bumped her and I stubbled a lil bit in ma heels and she grabbed my hands and I looked in her eyes and she was like aint u the girl who work at my job.....soon as she grabbed me n I turned around I was like to her dont do that...u dont wanna do that....i was a lil drunk and her hand were so soft...she got me horny a lil bit. Of course her gf was in my face all night...she came and took 2 pics of me so she could put them on there myspace club page. Anyways Jazz was coming around me all night.....i didnt get 2 dance wit her like I wanted cuz her gf was on her heels....maybe in 2 weeks. I wont be going this sunday cuz Im going to MiAMI this weekend but the following week I will definitely be in there again n each n every weekend afterwards. Well I know my night really didnt end that exciting with me n Jazz but at least she did acknowledge my presence all night. I wanted to take her home with me but once again shes taken so...I guess I have 2 wait until shes free. Smooches

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maybe they are into 3somes?

maybe they are into 3somes?