How Many Degrees if "Queer" Are There?... In my experience I've encountered several opinions. First, upon entering puberty, was the simple idea that a guy who liked to suck another man's c0ck was Queer.

At age 15 I began a relationship with an older teen where we gave oral to each other. However, since he preferred to being sucked, I gave him about twice the number of bj's that he gave me. Funny thing...he said I was far more queer than him because of that.

Later, when my crossdressing really took hold, I had relationships/ encounters with other guys who liked to give and receive oral as much as I did, but told me I was a bigger queer than them because I wore women's clothing.

Then, to top it off, several gay guys (over an extended period) really upset & angered me. They verbally humiliated me in front of others and refused to be sociable because they "...didn't want to be around sissy **** who don't know if they are a man or a woman." Their violent reactions to my presence (I was en femme)scared me while confusing me at the same time.

Does anyone think crossdressing makes one even more of a queer?
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I don't know if "more" would be accurate. "Better" might be work or even "natural" since male/male sex isn't natural, but our feminine side enhances our desire to fulfill that need of satisfying another male.