Again, Ive joined many similar groups here, but also, I hate it when my friends joke about how quiet I am especially - I find it funny sometimes but other times it depresses me, they dont notice that I am making more of an effort to talk to people and stuff, to speak audibly - I thought I was making progress, but apparently not :(. Why cant I be like the other people my age? They can all go up to new people and start a conversation with them - Id rather be disembowelled than try that in most cases, seriously! Only if someone else seems awkward and quiet can I seem to go up and talk to them - though, of course, conversation is awkward. Its so exasperating though!

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My friends also make fun of me, and I personally think lots of people will always tease if you are quiet because they don't know what else to say or they're just stupid and don't know that you actually care and have feelings that hurt when they say you're shy. But I would just not think about it much because it will only get you down. And I'm pretty mature for my age too and I guess that's why sometimes I relate to my teachers and understand them more than people my own age. And oh my gosh I hate that when people are going on and on and on about sometime you have no idea about, because, then you can only stand there awkwardly! Usually I try and think of some excuse to leave but sometimes my mind blanks and I'm stuck :/

Yeah, thats what my cousin said was good about going to uni - you can sometimes find people who are more like you, because theyre doing the same course as you and stuff - cant wait to get out of high school now!<br />
I know, the teachers can be less...judgmental than other students, (though not all, some in my school are worse!), and you can have an intelligent conversation with them...<br />
I suppose sometimes I talk about immature things, but when I want to talk about other things, like how my studies are going, I cant find anyone to talk to...<br />
I get people asking my friends if I talk too, as Ive always been kinda quiet anyway...<br />
Oh my gosh, I HATE it when the people around me are talking about something like sport, things I cant join in discussions about, I dont like sport either! I mean, what are we meant to say???<br />
Conversations should really be two-way, its rubbish when you have to sit listening to someone rabbiting on about something you have no interest in...

there was this kid who saidd to my friends once 'does she talk' and i was like how the hell am i sposed to get involved in a conversation about soccer when i have never enjoyed playing any sport in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!<br />
like some ppl only think of things from their own point of view they are so stoooo pid!!!

omg i feel the same. i guess one day we will find someone who share the same interests as us and it wont be so hard to start a conversation and keep it going. like i find it easier to talk to some of my teachers than kids my own age. i think i must be overly mature for my age and that is why i find it tiring to talk with friends. for example my firends like talking about vampires and movies and sponge bob square pants. i like talking about books or my studies.

Thanks, its good to know Im not the only one who has this kind of problem...:)

...its good to be different...but i always think of why people are too blind to see the effort we putting into ourselves....<br /> friends joke about it too...^^....<br />
...just dont mind them...think about ureself and if u want to progress in socializing then keep ure mind focused on that...