Inside my body there's a personality with every characteristic imaginable, and nobody knows it but me.  I feel like a voice that is never heard, never allowed to escape my body in the form of any social speech or action.  I want to escape, but it is like I'm trapped by walls on every side with layers upon layers of brick and nobody can break me free.  Nobody knows where I am, including myself.  The more I try to escape, the more it hurts and I find myself fumbling and falling on my face.  I just become more and more aware of my struggle and feel myself become more hopeless and weak.  Some people think they can help me, but in reality most just end up piling more bricks on my walls.  I feel more and more claustrophobic as people expect me to get out without lending me a hand.  As if I wasn't always this way.  As if I could flip a switch and the walls would disappear.  I wonder if there's a single person who could set me free.
toragirl toragirl
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2011

Yeah, I'm only happy when I don't think about it. Of course there are always people who love to remind me.

We are alike...<br />
(even though you might just punch me)<br />
but we are alike...the walls...they make me feel so isolated and alone, but try and cheer up, eh?<br />
just smile and move on...if that helps...