Was This A Design Flaw ?


I know you're busy......BUT! Why do men have nipples ? I'm just asking..........
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when i was 14 my dad got a bra for a birthday present from some friends. they were always teasing him about having "boobs". my dad took it and made it funny he always was known for his sense of humour. but i felt so embarrassed.<br />
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and i guess the reason men have breasts is because they are developed in the fetus before the the naughty bits and its only afterwards that the females are enhanced.

Ahhhh.....dear Dad was a good sport! If he took that so lightly....I'll. Et his whole demeaner was great....

I agree, Chip.....being born with breasts, for some men would be welcome ...bless their hearts.

Well, thanks Book....I ended up liking the part about Tom's children the best! Puts arm around cat.....just not the same! Wish I had had a brother....or at least a brother stand in.....

Bahahahaha! *wipes tears* Ah...What can I say? I have wondered about that too, at times. Would LOVE to know what kind of day YOU were having today!! ;)

What good are they? Daddy's gonna feed you now??????

They're wannabe's!! :)

So we don't put those nipple rings in the wrong place? (I loath asymmetry)

I love asymmetry......I use it much in art.....but then, I'm kinda twisted. :-)

seems like something perfectly reasonable to wonder about.

Oh thanks, calm one ....... I don't get it...... Not that it matters, although, men do get to go shirtless.....

I think it boils down to in the very intitial stages of development we are all female

That sure could be..... Thanks for reading, btw.....