Ever since i was i a little kid i can remember this quirky habit.

I go to bed with my new shoes on!

Strange, i know.

I remember wearing new shoes to bed and my parents used to remove them from my feet before they went to bed.

I still wear my new shoes to bed but have advanced to just hanging my legs outside the bed and admiring my sparkling treasures and i take them off before turning off the lights.  (I'm grown up now)

I bought a new pair of riding boots last week and you might be thinking that wearing them to bed might be taking things a bit to far,

Don't worry i didn't wear them to bed!

I just put them on in the morning while i was getting everyone ready for school.  I still had my PJs  on. They didn't really match with my early morning attire.

When my daughter noticed my feet up while i was enjoying my coffee, she asked ( WHY HAVE YOU GOT YOUR BOOTS ON?!) 

I said

Cause i JUST CAN.  

      : )

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Why not. When you've got it, flaunt it!<br />
I think it's fine if it you feel good with it. <br />

They would have taken that as an empty threat, cause they know i haven't got one.

LOL I can imagine their shock if you said we're going to school on the horse

ahhh.. the old days......!

I took my birks to a shoe shop--I wanted new soles put on them...They wanted 90 dollars to put new soles on them!!! 90 dollars....I can buy a new pair for a little more than that...When I was young you could have your shoes repaired for reasonable prices...and they lasted sometimes for a lifetime..I've had shoes that went out of kept them a while and they were back in.

Thanks, i grew up in a era where things were made to last, We didn't have a closet full of shoes and clothes. We had a PAIR of school, going out, play, gumboots and sports shoes. I was taught to nuggget and polish and shoes were made of leather. I think thats is why i treasure my new shoes now. Good habits die hard. . Next time you buy a new pair of shoes you could sneak them into bed.

I never wore my new shoes to bed but felt like it. We'd have new school shoes & I couldn't wait to put them on. If My Mom would have let me, I'd have done it too. Very cute story.

You gadabout you,

From deserts to cities to seashore to mountains...It's a long story :)

From deserts to mountains, how did that happen?

LOL ---No but they are soft and warm enough to sleep in---I spent a lot of my childhood in deserts--barefoot is still my favorite way to go's a bit too chilly here in the mountains this time of year--soon when it's warm--I'll be wearing my thongs or no shoes at all :)

Did you wear them to bed?

i got some new boots for Christmas....The label says, "made from genuine Australian sheepskin" I love them--so warm and comfy they are.