Im Done

I decided that my last cigarette this am, was my last ciggarette ever. I started smoking in college just for something fun to do. it soon became a very bad habit that I couldnt stop. I am a closet smoker, only a few of my closest friends know I smoke. I smoke at home and in my car only. After my recent break up I started smoking a pack a day. A pack used to last me 3-4 days, so this has gotten completely out of control. Since not many people know I smoke I dont really have a support group, this is why I joined this group. I have tried quitting several times before, but this time feels different. Im going to do it! Smoking makes you smell bad, ruins your teeth and skin and its a huge waste of money and time. Why should I spend money to make myself look even worse than I do now? Another reason for me to quit, is my ex was a smoker and everytime I have a ciggarette it brings back memories of all the smokes we shared. I can do this, I kknow I can!
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2012

i've been in and out of smoking several times, but one thing i still believe is that never quit to quit smoking,remember once you're in its a challenge of a life time!

I'll do this with you ...I have 2 more cigs left and Im not lighting another one EVER !!!<br />
Good luck to us both !

Well I have fallen off the wagon a few times since writing this, but Im still trying. i have def reduced the amount of cigs I smoke a day. Hope you are doing well!