Quitting Cold Turkey

Yesterday, i smoked my last two cigarettes and i didnt buy another pack. i woke up this morning really craving one, but i am not going to give in. i dont want to smoke anymore. its not cute and it is not healthy. i hope i can continue to be strong and not buy a pack of cigs. my husband is quitting dipping also. i hope we can do this togeter. i may go to the doctors and get chantix but i dont know if i want to. ill see if i can handle quitting cold turkey or not,

MissThang420 MissThang420
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Studies show that Cold turkey is the best and has the highest success rate !!!<br />
I'm going cold ! Good luck everyone !!!

i will be sure to keep an update of my progress. today is my second day and i am proud i have made it this far (lmao) i have been wanting one all day but i just havent broken down and brought a pack. i am hoping i dont but its hard. i work this weekend and i KNOW i am gonna want a cig break. its my excuse to leave the floor for a bit. that will be a challenge not to bum one

I quit cold turkey 19 years ago. You CAN do it!!!

i've been told if you quit cold turkey you'll always go back i thought it was BS. i quit for a year and a half. now i'm back to smoking so i'd try getting a little help.GOOD LUCK<br />

thank you!!! i have only been smoking for 4 years now, but i always think - i dont want to die from lung cancer because i was a smoker. because, it is something i can prevent from happening if i just suck it up and quit! its such an unhealthy habit i am tired of it. plus its almost summertime and i absolutely hate smoking in the summer it makes me feel as if i am suffocating. or something so hopefully that will help me stop too.

YOU GO GIRL! I've been smoking damn near 20 years now and I HATE IT!!!! Don't go this long like me, YOU CAN DO IT! Keep me update don how you did, maybe I can get some pointers from you and quit too!