I've Been Quitting Since 2001

When I got pregnant with my first child in 2001, I quit smoking.  I've quit smoking everytime I've gotten pregnant, but I can't make it stick.  I have the baby and after a month, two at the most, I've started again.  When my husband left for basic I started smoking outside after the kids went to bed.  By week two, I was smoking like I'd never stopped.  Now I only get the occassional cravings.  If a girlfriend calls and is dishing juicy gossip, I smoke.  If I drink, I smoke.  If I'm stressed, I smoke like crazy.  Other than that, I hardly smoke at all.  Once a week or two.  That's it.  No rhyme or reason.  I'm completely weird.

pbandjalways pbandjalways
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

I totally understand you there. I only just started getting "addicted" to smoking on Aug. 25th which was the day i found out my husband was leaving for 9 months. and I haven't quit since i've started. I give you a lot of props for quitting and doing such a fantastic job! keep it up!