Interesting Information/4th Day

okay first off today is my fouth day of not smoking. i have been having the WORST mood swings ever... i am being a big ***** to my husband and i feel very bad for that. but its hard when you have been smoking so long and it keeps you calm and then all of a sudden you stop. its like you start to feel insane. i hate it. i work tonight and i am hoping that i dont try and bum a cig off anyone. i dont think i will though. i have been pretty good. i only smoked 1 cig the past four days and i have no purchased any of my own and dont plane too.

however, i did find out some interesting information in my developmental psychology class.

1. if you quit smoking today your cognitive function will suffer for 3 years ( good reason to never start smoking in the first place)

2. if you got pregnant today and quit smoking today, your baby would still suffer from the effects of nicotine (ex: stress that withdraw causes on your body also stresses the baby) you need to be clean for 3 years before there will be NO affects on the child.

see what a deep hole smoking cigerettes puts you in. its awful and this information makes me want to quit ten times more

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I am also on my 4th day of quiting smoking! I am also not the easiest person to be around with right now, however, my wife understands, and she smoked her last cigga today! Tonight will be difficult as we will visit friends, and of course we will be having drinks....I WILL STAY STRONG!

we should all feel proud I am 4 days without a smoke and im so proud of myself. But i am also very tired and when not sleeping im dizzy feel awful but i am going to beat this addiction

I am almost done w day three. Day one I wanted a smoke so bad and withdrawl symptoms were terrible. Day two I said this is easy. Day three my digestive system is seriously f'ed. I feel so sick. I dont want or feel the need to smoke but i am hurting over here. Nausea is terrible. Pepto doesnt touch it. Does this go bye bye day four?

keep it up champ! it gets easier with every day!

I quit smoking 10 weeks ago. The first week all I could think about was how good a cigarette would taste. Each day seems to get eaiser. Keep up the good work, I know you can do it.<br />
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God if anything that makes me to want to continue ..Going four days is amazing :) Be proud of yourself