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I Hate Them All

Not against any particular septs of the human race but the entirety of it. We exist in a society that openly and subliminaly praises mediocrity and has set it as the societal standard. The exceptional are considered freaks while the lowest common denominators are treated with kid gloves so they can feel like they are just as capable as those who spend their lives doing just enough to get by.
H3LLl3OUND H3LLl3OUND 36-40, M 2 Responses Feb 6, 2012

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You hate them all? Even the exceptional "freaks?"

If you say yes, then I think that this must be a very weak hatred. It would be like saying that all people are good (not that you would say that!) -- it fails to draw distinctions between good and bad -- and so therefore the good couldn't be all that good. I suspect what you're saying is that you are upset that others fail to draw distinctions between the mediocre and the exceptional. If so, will you do the same and draw no distinction between those who excuse incompetence and those who celebrate capability?

Incorrect, I detest the stupidity of people no matter the race, ergo I hate them all equally.

Do all people exhibit stupidity? And thus are all worthy of your hatred?

If so, and all are stupid, then does this apply to yourself as well? If not, how did you escape the stupidity that plagues the other 7billion of us?

The things I hate about the human race aren't bound strictly by race, nationality political party, religion or social class. Society in general tends to disgust me. Most people I am apathetic towards, there are a few I love and I pretty much hate the rest. I'm the first person to call myself out for my stupid mistakes, even the most mundane ones. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone makes epic mistakes from time to time. It has been pretty apparent to anyone who has read this exactly where my disgust is directed, except you. Unless you are simply attempting to be argumentative and rhetorical, in which case you are amongst the douchebags I wrote about.

I like to think that people write stories here not because they want to hear themselves talk (or the internet equivalent), but rather because they seek not only empathy and understanding, but also challenge and debate. A particular form of hell is a conversation with only oneself, with no new ideas or perspectives.

Like you I am bothered by the "dumbing down" of our society and the praise of mediocrity. I also share your disgust for society. However, I try to resist painting everyone and everything with blanket condemnation. I have found that much beauty and good can be tarred with that broad brush.

I have heard it said, and often observed it is true, that we least tolerate in others the faults we see in ourselves. If so, then therein lies a solution. Recognition of our own faults and limitations can be the source of compassion for the failings of others.

I have written recently here of hatred. It is a heavy burden to carry. Good luck with it.

Hatred is just as vital to our existence as love is, but like love it is far too often spent on the undeserving. I don't give away my emotional energy sir.

An old professor of mine used to say, "Sometimes, there is nothing so healthy as a good healthy hate!" I've always loved that quote. I deplore the hate-phobia that permeates almost all of western civ. For all anyone knows, I could be actively hating away this very moment! Anvils are not falling from the sky, and neither are manhole covers - at least not where I live. "But your hurting yourself by having 'hate' in your heart!" exclaim the Sheeple. Funny, I actually tend to feel a bit of mirth when I indulge myself in feeling my lovely hate. It is just an emotion, after all. Only sissies fear their own emotions. They're the ones who can't handle them....or unpleasant truths either. ;-)

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That isn't racism. It's misanthropy.

Ding ding. This is the winning comment! Racism is when you feel one race is superior to another. Actually, my friend, you are most likely the least racist of all of us. Cheers!