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Am I Racist?

I dont truly believe I am a racist. I just have different views on race. People call me racist all the time but I dont think I am. I want to know what other people think. I do use the "n" word but not towards blacks, I use it as one of the 3 deffinations which is an ignorant person and I use it towards ignorant people and criminals its not my fault there are more blacks in jail. I also dont agree with interracial relationships because blacks skin and eye color is more dominant then white peoples and if whites and blacks keep procreating white people will be gone forever. I just want my race to keep going. Its not because I hate blacks, its just that I want whites to be around in the future. I also think that history class should be tought by race. schools sugar coat everything and make white kids hate thier herittage because whites owned slaves. They dont tell kids that Black people sold the black slaves to americans, and that not all slave owners were horrible some let the slaves live in thier home, were treated as family, and were taken care of, and schools make the south out to be the only ones with slaves (which isnt ture at all, my accestors owned slaves in New York and PA), and that ALL ships carrying slaves docked in the north and the north sold them and made the money! I just feel that history should be tought truthfully and should let kids embrace thier herritage not hate it. Schools want blacks to love thier race but they want whites to hate it I just dont understand that.

I am a white hill-william and I am proud of it. I come from the back woods of PA, my family sits around a camp fire with a guitar singing country music, we hunt every year, we all own guns, we swim in lakes and mucky ponds over pools, kids dont know what shoes are all summer long, cows pigs and chickens are NOT pets they ARE food, the smell of fertilizer reminds us of home, we use the term "yall" all the time, we love big trucks and big drooling dogs, the monster truck ralley is one of the biggest events all year long, and we love our small town simple life.

Does it make me a racist that I love who I am and I have my own views on things? 

coleymarie coleymarie 18-21, F 17 Responses Dec 14, 2009

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You are racist. You feel like your race is mire superior compared to other races. Racism is not somethibg that should be tolerated in any circumstances. It doesnt matter if some slave owners take care of their slves because a person is not somes property. I also think that you misjudge the black race. They are many white criminals. Why do you refer to ignorant as n***? Is it because you think black people are racist. Coleymarie are you seriously telling people who they should fall in love with? It doesnt matter what race you are you can marry who ever you want stop being selfish because of your racist thoughts. Just stop it!

Did you seriously just write that "not all slave owners were horrible". PLEASE open a history book.

Would you open your eyes? YOU'RE RACIST. You're whining over the fact that white people are going to leave in the future, calm down, there is a lot more white people than you think, and don't worry because they're going to keep populating.

So exactly how does having less pigment cells in your skin make you different?
The fact is that we are all human beings, we are all the same yet we try to attach certain characteristics (almost always negative) to people who are "different". This has the purpose of somehow making them less human, less deserving of our respect.
The fact is you would never trade your white skin for a black one, and neither would I. Because we both know that being white does offer some advantage over blacks any day. If you are white and rich, then you are doubly lucky. I read about that rich white kid was drunk driving and ran over and killed another kid. he got a slap on the wrist because the judge decided he would "suffer too much" in jail. How about that man, an heir to the DuPont fortune who RAPED his two daughters and got a suspended sentence because the judge said, and I quote, "will not fair well" in jail.
You and I both know that is bullsh*t. I think we both know that kid deserved more than a stupid slap on the wrist and that man should have had his balls cut off. We feel rage because we know they got off unjustly due to their money and connections, and we are right.
Now put yourself, if you can, in a black mans shoes every time he is denied opportunities. Everytime he turns on the TV and hears republican politicians use code words and dog whistle words because they are too cowardly to say what they really mean. To know that if it was them who were convicted of killing someone while drunk or for raping their daughters there would be no leniency whatsoever.
I respect your views, but just maybe, the world is a bit different when seen from the other side of the fence.
Good luck

ur blind b/c u don't know how I feels. ppl. like u r ignorant. Untill we negate the advantage of being white we are all racist .And its segregationist comments like yours that will send yall to hell

well you don't need to worry about whites going away, if they breed with blacks they black skin will go away because white genes win out. You can say or believe whatever you want and its your right to do it. So speak up.

You're proud of being a white trash? you're not racist, you're pathetic. It's a shame to be proud of coming from an inbred lineage. your story is bad and you should feel bad.

There's nothing wrong with loving your race, wanting to have kids of your own race, and wanting a good future for your race. It's just like loving yourself, your family, your country... It's a natural feeling for every human being of every nation and race. Those who don't feel it should be worried, not those who do.

When you wrote this, I'd have to say you were a racist. Not sure about now. Don't use the N word ever. Black people started using it to negate the negativity associated with it, when it was used on them. Everyone in the world owned slaves and sold slaves but the slaves were usually prisoners of war who were absorbed into society, were able to inter-marry, they weren't sanctioned as non-human by the Christian religious leaders, thus justifying the inhumane treatment endured by slaves in the transatlantic slave trade. Secondly, there are a few ethnic groups in Africa who sold slaves. I am African and one of these villages is next to mine. We have treaties upon treaties marking them making peace with us and others they sold and believe me they are looked down upon in Africa too for what they did. I have an African friend here in America who if the topic ever comes up, she always feels compelled to apologize for what her people did (her village is the one next to mine). Every year we have two festivals commerating when they abolished this practice and when we made peace with them after several "tribal wars" to fight them off and stop them from stealing us to sell to you or guiding you to us. Eventually we overpowered them along with other villages. Til today, the country knows this is how those villages developed their wealth and til today they are better off than other villages but they have to share equally for what they did and the festivals don't allow anyone to forget. We still celebrate the festivals today and the next one will be in Nov 2012. The difference between that and what White/Spaniards/Europeans did is you took us who had been living for thousands of years in our societies and wrote up some dumb effing document that said we were no better than cattle or dogs and used it to justify us doing work your lazy weak behinds didn't want to do. And lets not forget the famous "I seize this in the name of the Queen crap". How much of Africa was stolen just like that and "Colonized". It was a brutal inhumane and dishonest practice. It was also some of how America came to be because some Whites got tired of that "In the name of the Queen" crap. But many parts of the world were forced to conform to Christianity and call their traditional practices demonic - so theres that "follow Christianity or die" stuff. Others were forced to dress in a manner Whites deemed "more fitting"....again, indirectly supported with "follow us or die". And many leaders were either swindled out of or just plain forced to give up their homelands "In the name of the Queen" crap. How in the hell-yell are going to come to my land and tell me you own it in the name of some fat pasty chick somewhere else I've never heard of??? Huh?? Does that make sense to you. Twist it however you want to say Asians, Africans, Mexicans, Native Americans participated freely in being killed and duped when you know the truth is for a good couple of 100s of years, "yall" just went around stealing ****! And noooooow.....that the whole worled is educated in your language and doctrine, you have the nerve to be upset that we can all articulate that we've figured out and have known that what you did was wrong and in need of rectification. So you and your brand of racism of being mad at us for being mad at you doesn't fly. When you read, don't just read what supports your case, seek after the truth. And the truth shall set you free. Lots of White people are on the side of truth and they don't act or talk Black, they are just the same them but they hate injustice, even if majority of how the world came to be today was built of the injustices of their near or far off ancestors. <br />
<br />
Am I Racist?:<br />
White people did some great injustices to most all of the races on this Earth, not just Black people. This even includes red-heads, whom at a point in history some Whites believed were more closely related to Africans. Somethin' ain't right with yall in my're the only race who finds the sight of those who don't look like you completely off-putting. Admit it. As horrible as it sounds, You are disgusted by Africans/Black people. Not just African Americans and not just because of American racism and that legacy. If I dropped you off in the middle of the African forest tomorrow, amidst people who don't know nothin about American/European racism, would you feel all happy like yall do when you go to Africa for vacation or charity, or would the sight of dark Black skin be more frightenting to you than curious. I think it's the former and you know I'm telling the truth. Fact is, Africans interacted with all the world that could reach it's ports and lands before you dumb dumbs had the notion to enslave us as commodities. We were fine. You should have just left us alone and not participated even if a dude who looked like us was trying to sell us. When Africans encountered White people, we knew you were human, just of a different color. Our first instinct was not to put you in bondage and call you an animal. The world did not begin when American slavery did, it was existing loooong before that believe it or not and we were right there the whole time, living more "Green" and "wholistically" than you ever were. <br />
<br />
Now, are you still racist today? Only you can answer that. It will be hard because White people have told their fable for so long, many of you don't remember what the truth is anymore and many don't even care. It's all about what suits your existence today. But I admonish you to love yourself without hating others. Stop the madness. And please don't be mad cause were mad that you did something maddening to us in the first place that we are all still globally trying to correct. That is not reverse racism, it is cowardice. It is time to pay the piper and that doesn't mean with your life or safety, it means don't be afraid to speak the truth about how this all begin and don't white wash the truth with "I know that happened but it was a long time ago" bull crap , when we are still living in the benefits and consequences of the decisions that were made that so-called "long time ago". We have to deal with it and so do you. No more running and hiding. It's time for justice to prevail.

Nobody mentions what the Europeans did to the American Indians. STOLE their land by force and made them move over to live on reservations. Killed millions of them and taught english to their young. Took their religion. Blacks could go back home if they wanted too. Indians had their taken by force. Stop bitchin and go back home if you want to.... Europeans can go back home along with the blacks and mexicans. Get out if you don't like it. Stop bitchin at each other. All you guys do is complain and fight over things that aren't yours to begin with, get out.

I read your story and then after reading the comments I do realize and see that you want to make progress with abandoning the racism that was built inside of you due to your parents. Many who have grown up with this upbringing tend to have the same point of view for races. If it isn't your parent it is the media, television and even sometimes the experiences you have. I do believe that if you go out and put all your judgements behind you and talk just sit and talk with some heck even me. You will find out things you never thought you would. To be honest with first reading this before reading the comments I thought you were a full blown racist. Like an indirect racist. One who probably would let something roll off the tongue without thinking twice about it. But like I said after reading the comments I now see you can't blame yourself for how you think. Growing up myself when I heard of slavery and the blacks and the whites I thought I couldn't hang around whites and I thought I would never get a long with them. Eventually my mother had friends she introduced me to who were italian and white and they were nice and sweet and kind just like me. They were not like slavery day racist people or whatever. As I grew I learned to also educate myself coming to that conclusion as well that blacks sold blacks but in the end still sold them to a white person. The "N" is not meant for an ignorant person but for as a derogatory term for blacks. I learn to never judge because only god can do that. I have been called racial slurs and have been through alot of bad experiences but one thing I won't do is shut a whole race out or anything other than because of a bad experience. But back to what I was saying before I think it's good that you are open minded and are able to some how break away from that. Because I see all the time in situations like that you get stuck and you stay that way. You are much more smarter and stronger in the others that couldn't. If you have questions you can always ask me ha .

My father who is white has a close friend who is black. They in joking with each other often are making a joke out of racism by calling each other various racial things not including the n word which neither would ever use. His friends black wife and others are upset about it because often they go too far and someone who did not know the 2 of them would think they are racist against each other which they certainly are not. I do not agree with turning racism into a joke as they have done. yes they are friends and know each other is joking but that still not make it right. If they do it in front of the wrong person they might really get offended. Racism is a serious problem in this country and is not a joke.

The fact that you ignorantly use such a word, and the fact that you don't want your children to marry someone simply because of their race, does in fact make you a racist. Racists aren't bad people, just ignorant people I hope that you can one day see past a person's skin tone enough to realize that we are all equal, a view you clearly do not have because if you did think we are all equal, you would have no problem with interracial relationships. I hope your ethnocentrism doesn't spread to your kids.

Well I have met most of my husbands co-workers and there are only 3 white people, 6 hispanics, 2 or 3 asians, and about 15 blacks/mullato (I think thats the right term for black white mix). This is the main reason I am trying to fight being a racist. My husband told one of his close black friends that he worked with (hes now at war) that I was a racist and I was trying to change my views on it, but I didnt get to talk to him much on the subject because he left for war recently. But my husband thinks I should start talking to this girl he works with who is right about my age, and has alot in common with me. She is black or mullatto. He also thinks she could help me alot with my racism and we could end up being good friends (which I do need, since I have none litterally). I think I may give it a shot and see if I can be friends without offending her to much by asking to many questions. I really want to learn about blacks beause the main reason I am racist is because I am uneducated about them. But I will update you when I find out more about her. <br />
I also was worried/wondering about something elce... My family is extremely racist and that is where most of my racism came from. I want to tell them that I am trying not to be a racist and they should keep thier comments to themselves when I am around, but Im worried they might be angry with me, or slightly cast me out. Should I tell them or should I just shut my mouth and ignore what they say? I will never beable to change them so I will never even try to but I would like them to know I am not like that anymore and they shouldnt encourage me to be racist. I know I can tell my mom cause shes not a horrible racist, shes like me (how I am now) but without ever using the "n" word. But I think my dad would feel like he lost something that we had in common and that he would feel like he was losing me, it really is one of the very few things we have in common and I dont want him to feel like hes losing me. Goodness there are so many questions I have, and so much I need to learn. <br />
Thank you sensorall for helping me out so much!! Your input makes me think and see how wrong I am. I am so thankfull that you are commenting and helping me.

Thank you for all your Imput, it truly helps. I do need to change my views I have been very judgmental in the past because of the color of someones skin or the clothes they wear. I think the "n" word will be pulled from my vocabulary. I will try to start to support interracial relationships, but I dont think I would be ok with my child in one... I know that sounds bad, but I want my grandchildren to look like my family. And they would be cast out (not because of me) by mine and my husbands family. <br />
I have a question, do blacks prefered to be called black, african american (I personally think they are just as american as I am so why not just be called american), colored, or anything elce. My husband works with alot of Blacks and when I am around them I dont want to be offensive. They are all soldiers and upstanding citizens and I dont want them to know I was extremely racist and am currently trying to be atleast less racist since we all are to an extent. Thank you for all your help.

I do think its ok for some people to have interracial relationships but I feel more peole should worry about the future of our race. If blacks were losing black people because they were breeding with another race some would feel they should only be with thier own race. I just think white people will be gone someday and alot of history will leave with them and that kind of worrys me. And I do think society has changed my views, My family is extremely racist towards the sterotype black person, and I was before I started researching things like the civil war and races. I am more open to change then most of my family and thats why I was posting this, I wanted to know what others thought of my views and how I should change them or research more into them. <br />
<br />
And Ive heard all that we all come from africa stuff. I dont base my views on nothing, Ive done alot of research to base my views off of. and I really dont want to get into all the science of it, Im talking about the way society labels race.<br />
<br />
And I was tought that ****** was a hurtful word but it was an ignorant person not a black person and it should never be used in the context of a black person. So I grew up using it directed towards ignorant people and selfish people. I do think that I should stop using it as often as I do. But even black people call the lower of thier race ******* and not niggas like as in friend. Just like white people call thier lower class trailer trash or white trash (sure its not as bad as ****** but its the same concept).

No I don't think that you are a racist although I do believe that we all have a little racism in us regardless of exactly what race it is toward. I also believe that you become what you know and was raised as and get a lot from the society that you was raised around. I am a white woman that does date black men & as a matter of a fact I prefer black men over any other race. That is just who I am most attracted to although I am not attracted to all black men like the 1's you speak of. I would not date a thug, drug dealer, killer, etc. although all races do those things that you mentchioned but I do agree that it is more blacks than whites in jail, on welfare, etc. I am attracted to educated black men ONLY and not ignorant people no matter what the race is. I have 2 beautiful biracial children.

I want someone to explain what a racist really is, because if I am then everyone is because we all have different views on race. Im not out commiting hate crimes, or walking up to random people calling them the "n" word I just use it when Im mad about someone who is an ignorant person that includes whites and I would never call anyone that to thier face its usually when I get mad at the news or the way the world works (exept my uncle and aunt I called them both that but they deserved it) I just dont see a "n" as a black person I see it as a person that doesnt care about anyone but themselves and wants others to do everything for them. I have never discriminated my friendship with people because of thier race, I just dont want my kids to have children with a black, hispanic, asian ect.